Web designing tips to draw more customers

If you are unable to keep visitors on your site for long then your web design is to blame. Having a great web design ensures that the visitors are engaged on your site; they stay for longer duration and frequently visit your site. It is really important because it will […]

Difference between AMP & PWA

Now it is an established fact that more than half of the world’s population possess smartphones. There was a time when very few people had internet in their home because computers were not very affordable to run the internet and smartphones were not present that time. In the last decade […]

Web technologies you can use for e-commerce website

In recent years, online shopping has become popular. Many people are ordering their clothes and electrical appliances etc. online. After the success of e-commerce giant Amazon, many others have come up like Flipkart, Myntra etc. Online businesses provide flexibility in comparison to physical shopping. What you buy, gets delivered at […]

Importance and Components of a Landing Page

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” A very Cliché statement. But does it hold true in the 21st century? Let’s face it. Everybody judges everything by cover, be it a book, a restaurant or even a person. Human tendency is to make their opinion of something by the first […]

How to make User experience better on your website

Would you continue a brand if their services have not given a good user experience? Definitely not. No matter which field you work in, your customers and clients expects and deserve a good experience with your services. This experience is not just limited to in-person service or service on mobile […]

7 Evergreen Website Layout Designs to Follow In 2021

“Good design is good business” said president of IBM. It’s clearly evident that people tend to spend more time on things that appears pretty to their eyes. Things that become old mostly lose their appealing quality. Surely, change is perpetual in every domain out there in present times. Except history, […]

10 things that Google hate to see in your website

Google is equivalent to that commander in chief of an army who decides which soldier he wants to place on the battlefield. Unfit and Undeserving soldiers are knock backed. Likewise, Google prefers to index websites that are more likeable. And who decides this scale of likeability? Undeniably, Google. It watches […]

How you can use IoT in Website development

In this modern era where everything is going online and digital, new technologies are constantly developing. There was a time when internet connection was wired. In last decade, wireless internet has gained much popularity and it has reached to a larger population in recent couple of years. You must be […]

Top 9 examples of great mobile website

Does having a great mobile website makes any difference to a brand’s marketing? In the words of Paul Cookson- “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that” In the past decade, Number of smartphone users has increased to more than 350 Million in India and more than 3 Billion […]

10 ways to reduce bounce rate for your website

Making a website successful is not an easy road. There are many competitors sitting out there waiting for you to make a mistake so they can rise above your level. The scale for measuring the level of your mistake is ‘Bounce Rate’ which is ‘visits in which the person left […]

Ways to increase time spent on website

“Content Is King”- Bill Gates words in 1996. Twenty five years later, in this vast frontier called ‘Internet’ is it still relevant? Well, yes. Over the years internet has seen rapid shifts and changes. Now content is king but it needs an army to remain in the game. The scale […]

Everything to know about the Website PITA score

You put so much money into marketing your business online. But when the visitors do arrive at your website, they bounce back. You wonder why? Well, it is very likely that your pita score is high. So, what is a website pita score and how can you control it? This […]

What Makes a Good and a Bad Web Design Different?

Website has overriding importance in E-Commerce. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you maintain a top-notch website. Since the design of a website plays a grave role in determining its quality and efficiency, it is important to make sure that your website design is flawless. But what if […]

Top 5 Web Design Tools to Use in 2021

Are you trying to optimize your web design? Not sure what tools to use? So, don’t worry, we can help! All you have to do is check out our list of top 5 web design tools to use in 2021. A website is the primary representative of any E-commerce entity. […]