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WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and powers over 30 percent websites. But, since WordPress started to become more and more popular, hackers have taken note and are starting to specifically target WordPress sites. Regardless of the type of content you are providing, you are not an exception. You could get hacked if you don’t take precautions. In today’s article, I will be talking about six WordPress security tips to keep your website secure.

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6 WordPress security tips to keep your website secure

WordPress Security Tips

Here are six WordPress security tips you can employ to keep your website secure

1. Select a good hosting company

The most basic way of securing your WordPress site is by selecting a good hosting company which provides multiple layers of security. You might want to save money by going for a cheap hosting provider that can prove to be a blunder. It could completely erase your data and your URL could begin redirecting somewhere else. Paying a little extra to hosting provider means extra layer of security.

2. Avoid nulled themes

WordPress premium gives you professional themes. They have more customizable options than a free theme. There are no restrictions on customizing your theme, and you will get full assistance if something goes wrong with your website. But, sometimes people go for websites that provide nulled or cracked themes. They are basically a hacked version of a premium theme, available via illegal means.

You should never use any such themes because they can be dangerous for your site. It could open the doors of your website for hackers. This is because these themes often contain hidden malicious codes, which has the capability to destroy your website and database. So avoid such nulled themes.

3. Use a strong password

Passwords are a very important aspect of a website. You should make sure that your password is strong and hard to guess. If you still use passwords like your name or date of birth or common numerical patterns, then any advanced user can crack your password. Hence, you should use a complex password. Your password should has different characters and it must have special characters like %,#,@ etc.

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4. Install a WordPress security plugin

It is time consuming and difficult to regularly check your website security for malware and malicious viruses. But you don’t have to do all of that if you install WordPress security plugin. A security plugin takes care of the safety of your WordPress. It scans for malware and monitors your site throughout the entire day and night to regularly check what is happening on your site.

5. Limit login attempts

This is one of the best methods to secure your website. By limiting the number of login attempts, users can try to login a limited number of times until they are temporarily blocked. This protects you against hackers. If you have a complex password, the hackers will not be able to guess it correctly and with the limited number of login attempts, they will get locked out before they can finish the attack. You can easily change the number of login attempts via Settings>Login Limit Attempts.

6. Update your WordPress version

Keeping your website up to date is a great way to protect your site from hackers. Developers make a few changes with every update, often times including updates to security features. When you are updated with the latest version of your website, you will protect yourself against being a target for pre-identified loopholes and exploits hackers can use to gain access to your website.

It is also important to update your plugins and themes for all the same reasons. WordPress, by default automatically download minor updates. For major updates, you have to do it manually from your WordPress admin dashboard.

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Final thoughts

WordPress security is one of the essential parts of a website. Hackers can easily attack your site if you don’t maintain the security. Keeping your website secure is not hard. By using the above mentioned WordPress security tips you can keep your website secure.

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