If you are unable to keep visitors on your site for long then your web design is to blame. Having a great web design ensures that the visitors are engaged on your site; they stay for longer duration and frequently visit your site. It is really important because it will help to lower the bounce rate of your website which eventually improves your site’s ranking. If your web design isn’t good enough to keep your visitors get hooked on to your website then the bounce rate will increase and it will lead to reduction in your website’s ranking. So don’t worry, in this article I will be talking about web designing tips which you can follow to draw more customers.

One thing that we have seen increasing recently is online shopping. Many people are turning to online shopping since you’re getting goods delivered at your doorstep plus you get good discounts and you get a variety of products. So as the population of this online shoppers increase e-commerce websites need to make sure that their websites are in compliance with their requirements and expectations. Having a great web design is a must to provide a good experience to your customers. But what creates a good experience for your customers? There are two equally important concepts

  1. UI- stands for User interface. UI is tangible. It is what your customer interacts with when he is browsing your website.
  2. UX- stands for user experience. It is more comprehend. It is the overall experience that user feels. This is what the user feel when they use UI.

Web designing tips to draw more customers

Web designing

Your homepage is the face of your online presence. It is what the user sees first. It creates that first impression on the user so you better have an eye grabbing homepage. If the UX of your website is messed up and not professional then it will give a bad impression of your business as well. If the user lands on your homepage which is below expectations then he will not second-guess before clicking that back button. Because online stores have variety of brands so the customer will not wait to move to the next one which is just a click away. So, it is necessary to make sure that your first impression doesn’t push your customers away. You need to make sure some things are in place during website development and web designing.

So, here are listed few web designing tips you need to follow in order to gain more customers.

1. Engaging content

One of the most important things to consider while web designing is the content that you are providing should be engaging and compelling. The content that you put on your website should be authentic and true to your brand. It should represent the principles and motive of your company. It should represent the best version of your brand. While writing content make sure that you don’t put long paragraphs on your website, nobody has that amount of time in this world to read long essays. So try to make the content brief and precise. It should tell all the important things you want your customers to know. Don’t put any extra stuff there. By reading your content customers can know what he can expects from your brand.

2. Sell simplicity

Don’t overdo your website. Try to make it simple and clean. Putting a lot of stuff just to make it look unique and interesting can sometimes do more harm than good. Simple design will let the visitor focus on the thing he is looking for on your website. The text should be easy to understand and read. A navigation pane should be inserted to make the navigation seamless for the customer. Simple design will reduce the potential distractions that will let him focus on the important things and overall just provide a good user experience.

3. Mobile-friendly

This is one of the most important and overlooked point. As the number of mobile phones users have surpassed the number of desktop users. It is important to make your website mobile optimized. You should check how your website looks on mobile screen. If your website is incompatible with mobile phone then you might end up in little trouble because you will lose out on a huge section of potential customers. So make your website is mobile friendly and don’t lose your sales.  

4. Effective Call to action

Use effective call to action buttons in strategic places to increase conversion and boost click through rate. These properly placed call to action buttons helps in navigating the site and creating a good web designs.

5. Don’t look spammy

Don’t overdo the homepage with various sales links. It will make you look unprofessional and fake. Having sales pitches all over the place will make your website look like cluttered with spams. So avoid doing that. Make your website more organic. Use people’s feedback in improving your site. You need to make a reputable brand.

6. Seamless Shopping experience

What are the reasons people prefer online shopping over physical shopping is easy shopping experience. They are shopping at the comforts of their home. Online customers seek efficient and hassle free experience. If you’re website loads slowly or the payment gateway is not clean then that will not give your customer an overall good shopping experience. You need to make sure that your site loads quickly and is easy to navigate as well. Menus should be there to guide your customers, arrange different categories of products properly.


Make sure all these things are in place to gain more and more customers to your site. Your aim is not just to make an attractive site but it should be easy to understand and navigate as well with a faster loading speed. A good web designing adds value to your marketing strategy as well.

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