Would you continue a brand if their services have not given a good user experience? Definitely not. No matter which field you work in, your customers and clients expects and deserve a good experience with your services. This experience is not just limited to in-person service or service on mobile phone it extends to the online world too. If you’re running a Business, know that before anything else, any customer would make their decision on the first impression of your brand. If it’s online then your website makes your first impression which is mostly the case now. Many owners have taken their business online. Be it grocery stores, restaurants or a beauty brand. You can find them all online. So you should not mess it up. Hence, it’s your duty to give customers a good user experience on your website.

When browsing a website, user expects your website to be fast and properly optimized. So, in this article we are going to talk about about how you can better user’s experience on your website

Make User experience better on your website

✤ Easy to read text

Obviously, the writing style matters a lot and so do the font type and color.It is well-known that creative fonts look attractive like calligraphic style, and obviously every designer wants their website to look appealing and pretty to the eyes of user but they are sometimes not digestible to every type of audience.

  • They look complicated and hard to read sometimes. That don’t give your user a good experience. Also bright colors that give strain to your eyes should be avoided. So the base line is that the font and colors should be easy to understand and read.
  • The most safe combination is a white background and black text, looks clean and easy to understand. But every site can’t be black and white for instance, architecture website or art website, they can’t be plain.
  • So choosing the right color combination is important. Sober colors are the best, abstract colors are also highly in use these days.
  • Make sure that the color of the background and text should be contrasting. If you are using a dark background then opt for lighter text and vice-versa.

✤ Clear CTA – Call to action

During the process of website development, one thing that is important to add is Call to action. This is also done to engage the user on the website for longer duration which eventually helps in reducing the bounce rate of the website. Call to action is basically any link, button or form that asks the users to take next step. This can be a link to the services page or contact us page. A common Call to action link these days can be seen on Hospitals websites or consultancy websites which helps you to take appointment or fill a form.

Some ideas you can use for Call to action

  • A link to the ‘contact us’ page of the website.
  • A form can be asked to fill by the user where they can write their queries.
  • Most common use of call to action is to put a link to subscribe to the blogs or newsletter.
  • Link to related post of other websites that contains a lot more relevant information.
  • A login link
  • Link that allows user to book an appointment. 

User should get all the information on your website that he is looking for. No time he should feel that there is no link for information he is searching for.

✤ Don’t overlook Mobile users

As we are witnessing a huge surge in the number of smartphone users in recent years. It would be a huge mistake to ignore mobile phone users. They are a game changer in online world. You should ensure that your website is fully optimized for the mobile version too. There should be no lag when a user is browsing your website on the mobile phone. Having a responsive website that works well on computers is not enough. Suppose a user wants to zoom a page of your website on his or her mobile phone and your website is not mobile-friendly then that would not be a good thing to put your mobile users away. This way you can lose many users and potential customers. You need to take care that

  • The font size and type is big-enough to read on the mobile version of the website so that the user don’t have to zoom again and again which can become very irritating.
  • If there are any buttons on it then make sure they are large enough for user to click since they use their fingers and not an extremely small cursor.
  • A mobile version navigation pane should be included on mobile website. It’s feasible to have a horizontal navigation pane on the desktop version but that can’t be done on the mobile version. A vertical menu can be included on the mobile version of the website. It will be more comfortable for the user to comfortably navigate the website on their mobile phone.

✤ Eliminate segments that slow down the website

Slow loading of the site is one of the common reasons why users exit the site early. This increases the bounce rate for your website as well. If your website takes 2 seconds more to load the page then your site’s bounce rate increases by 50%. So you can reduce the bounce rate just by increasing the loading speed of the site. What are the factors that is slowing down your website?

  • Large sized images are included in your website
  • Poorly coded plugins
  • Inappropriate compression of the image.
  • Embedded videos
  • An insufficient web hosting server
  • External scripts also contribute in slowing down the speed of your website.
  • The file format should be right and the more than optimal images should be compressed.

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Every business or brand needs to improve their web services by following above mentioned points to make user experience better on your website. Businesses need to spend a little extra on Information technology to improve overall. Because they are in the game as long as their customers are supporting them which is basic for their survival.