In recent years, online shopping has become popular. Many people are ordering their clothes and electrical appliances etc. online. After the success of e-commerce giant Amazon, many others have come up like Flipkart, Myntra etc. Online businesses provide flexibility in comparison to physical shopping. What you buy, gets delivered at your doorstep. On these sites you get really good discounts and other rewards like cash back etc. It is a herculean task to tap into this domain of e-commerce website with well-established competitors running their business successfully. This article will talk about the web technologies for e-commerce website.

Making your online business successful is not a piece of cake. Foremost important is building an e-commerce website. It is normal to have confusions and questions regarding creating an e-commerce website and the most important question to have is what will be the web technologies to use for an e-commerce website which is very important, websites are crucial for businesses to present their products and services and a well designed website is needed for that. With respect to e-commerce website they should have features like responsive design, multiple payment gateway support, professional yet attractive theme and templates and obviously an amazing customer support service.

Web technologies to use for e-commerce website

Here are listed few web technologies for developing your e-commerce website. Let’s dive right into it.

➨ Magento

Magento is one of the most famous and genuine e-commerce platforms for B2B and B2C customers. It is built on an open source technology which provides a flexible shopping cart system to online merchants besides control over the appearance, content and functionality of their online store. Also it offers search engine optimization, marketing and catalog-management tools and allows those businesses who have fewer products to expand them into thousands. This can be utilized by someone who is not a developer.

➨ BigCommerce

BigCommerce has a massive community of developers all around the world. They provide the latest features and they keep adding them like improved SEO, built-in blogging and round the clock customer support. They stay updated with latest technologies.

➨ Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular and well known e-commerce website hosting web technology. They are compliant with effective SEO practices and perpetually evolving web technology. Shopify helps in building the best responsive checkout. And now many of the users browse e-commerce websites on their mobile phones it is necessary to have a responsive website, additionally, Shopify gives their buyers the opportunity to make payment in Bitcoins instead of conventional payment methods.

➨ WooCommerce

This is a free commerce plugin that can integrate with wordpress. It is a free platform and it helps business owners to sell their products quickly and easily. Estimated, 30 % of the store owners rely on WooCommerce for selling their products, it also helps owners to ship their products and collect the payments made.

➨ Squarespace

Squarespace is out there to help you if you are looking for an attractive and beautiful website filled with images. They have great looking templates. It let its customers have the full control over coupon generation, inventories, product variants and shipping setup. It has all the essential tools to create an all-inclusive e-commerce website.

➨ OsCommerce

As an owner you want to have total access and control of your store and database, OsCommerce provides you that opportunity. This was one of the first open source system that came into existence. It has a user-friendly interface, big support database and it’s easy to install.


Having a great e-commerce website is necessary to run your business successfully. These web technologies can help build a great e-commerce website. It is really important during website development. The technology of web is important to consider when you are planning to make an e-commerce website. 

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