Does having a great mobile website makes any difference to a brand’s marketing? In the words of Paul Cookson- Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that”

In the past decade, Number of smartphone users has increased to more than 350 Million in India and more than 3 Billion around the world. This clearly indicates that about more than half of the world’s population uses smartphone. In the last quarter of 2019, Smartphones gathered whopping 52.6% of the global website traffic. Mobile optimized websites tend to have lower bounce rate too. They gather more traffic than their counterparts.

In March 2020, Google said, To simplify, we’ll be switching to mobile-first indexing for all websites. Which means now Google will rank desktop site by looking at the mobile site. Earlier Google used to rank the website just on the basis of the desktop version of that site. Now the opposite will happen.

So it is necessary for the website to be Mobile friendly if they want to remain in the business. Because not every person in this world can afford to have computers or laptops.

9 examples of great mobile website

Here are listed top 9 examples of great mobile website you might take some cues from to make your website great

1. Wikipedia

  • Hands down Wikipedia is labeled as one of the, if not the most used website of all time. Nobody can deny the fact that they have clicked on this website at least once in their lifetime
  • What makes it so accessible? This was one of the few mobile friendly website in the last decade; many people must have browsed it even on their Nokia or small sized Samsung galaxy phone.
  • The main reason of its popularity is the content off course; you can literally find possibly everything under the sun on this site. I, myself have used this site multiple times for school projects and assignments.
  • The user interface of this site on the mobile phone is simply amazing, very easy to use. Content is listed in a sequential manner which makes it easily navigable. It provides important interlinks and relevant reference links also. The fonts and the images are easily visible even on mobile phone which makes it so popular

2. Flipkart

  • Flipkart is an e-commerce website which initially focussed on online book sales but later expanded its business to electronics, fashion apparels etc.
  • You probably have purchased some thing or the other from this website. Without a doubt it has given a strong competition to e-commerce giants like Amazon, Reason being its mobile friendly user interface. You need not download its app in order to make a purchase on this platform.
  • The mobile version is easy to use and understandable, it’s very easy to login on this site and also easy to place order on the mobile version.
  • Also the speed rate of this website is comparatively better than Amazon on the mobile phone. All the categories are listed in the header which makes it easily accessible for the first time users. Overall, it provides a good experience.

3. Instagram

  • If you ask any random person walking on the street what is the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear the word Social media. Their answer will most probably be either Facebook or Instagram.
  • In fact, in recent years Instagram has become more popular than Facebook. It is a very mobile friendly website, the appearance of its mobile version looks a lot similar to its app version which makes it more popular among those who are running low on storage and can’t keep app in their mobile phone.
  • The speed is also good enough; you can easily view the images and videos posted on the site. Every feature of this website such as searching, posting or messaging can be easily done on the mobile site.  

4. Facebook

  • It will definitely not be fair to list Instagram and not Facebook in this list. Facebook precedes Instagram. It was launched in 2004. Since then it has made few updates in its mobile website to give a more mobile friendly user experience.
  • Facebook is seeing a 67% year on year mobile monthly active user growth.
  • It loads faster than the responsive website. It is easily navigable.
  • Facebook has worked so much on its website development to make it stand out from the rest.
  • More than 50% of the users use Facebook on the mobile version of the website. It’s easy to interact with its page overall. It’s design is such that it provides key buttons to the user. For instance, user has the button to like the page, call the business, check in and click for more, which consists of features like sharing, sending message, copying link or reporting a page just below the page’s cover photo.

5. Domino’s

  • Who doesn’t like the famous Cheese burst farmhouse pizza straight from the oven of Domino’s outlet which makes our mouth drool. All of us must have either eaten pizza from Domino’s or might have day dreamed about it.
  • Now a day’s people prefer eating at the comforts of their home with their friends and family especially after the COVID-19 pandemic online food orders have increased manifolds. The amount of orders placed can be said directly proportional to the accessibility of the website on the mobile phone.
  • If the website is mobile friendly and hence easy to use, the customer possibly might end up ordering something. Domino’s has proven to provide that kind of easy accessibility to the customer.
  • Its website is mobile friendly and easy to use. You can choose your favorite pizza on the menu which can be easily located on the website.The payment interface is also quite good.

6. Quora

  • If you are looking for answers to some common questions whether personal or professional and you don’t want to spend money to seek professional help this place is for you. Here you will find people from all places and all genres with different backgrounds that will definitely help you in seeking answers to your questions.
  • You can find folks from Ph.D. holders to high rank officers to brilliant scientists. You can post a new question which has never been asked before or answer a question that has never been answered before.
  • The good news is you can easily access this site on your mobile phone without any hassle. You just need to login and then you can start freely. The site is very mobile friendly, a reason behind it’s success.

7. Khan Academy

  • Khan Academy provides a personalized learning experience to anybody who can’t go to college or anybody who just wants to enhance their knowledge skills. This provides that platform to the users even on the Mobile phone.
  • This can be easily accessed through your mobile phone. The lectures and material provided on the website is free of cost which makes it more popular as most of the learning platforms these days have become paid.
  • They have very smartly created content suitable for both desktop version site and mobile phone site as well.
  • The kind of fonts and images they use are simply amazing; different animations and small videos present on their website makes it so appealing and pretty to the eyes of the user.

8. Airbnb

  • What do we worry about the most when we decide to travel to a new place; what will be the mode of travelling, where we would be staying. Airbnb very well covers this issue.
  • It is an online platform which has more than 190 countries on board and it mainly provides assistance in planning a holiday, primarily booking of hotels or homestays and other tourism activities. No need to download the app for just one trip, it can be easily accessed through mobile website which is easy to navigate and understand.
  • The information provided is crystal clear. The appearance is eye catching and makes you plan a trip if you aren’t looking to.   

9. IndiaMART

  • IndiaMART is the biggest online B2B marketplace in India and it’s easy to use category-based mobile store list it in the top few of the best e-commerce mobile website.
  • IndiaMART mobile homepage provides a search bar right at the top so as to give a custom search experience to the user.
  • It is easy to browse through the website products by sorting each item by item type and further sub-types inside types. It makes the user to continue search the site as he doesn’t need to go to different pages to find out the product he is looking for.

Key Takeaway

Above mentioned websites prove that gone are the days when the desktop sites used to rule the world of internet. These days it is equally important to have a great mobile friendly site as well to raise the business. It is important to provide the same desktop web services on mobile website as well. These websites are a great example of that. They stand as a great book of knowledge which new websites can use to reach that level. With growing number of smartphone users the number of mobile friendly websites should grow as well.