In this modern era where everything is going online and digital, new technologies are constantly developing. There was a time when internet connection was wired. In last decade, wireless internet has gained much popularity and it has reached to a larger population in recent couple of years. You must be aware of Website development. In simple terms, it is the act of developing a website.  It is a common term at present. What is this Internet of things? This is relatively a new thing. It has developed in recent few years. But do you know that this Internet of things can be used in website development too. This article will revolve around how we can use IoT in website development.

First of all let’s see what is Internet of things?

Internet of things (IoT)

The term Internet of things is in itself is not new. This term was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 when he was working at Proctor&Gamble. He is also referred to as ‘Father of Internet of Things’.  Its use is also pretty old. For instance, the first IoT device is considered to be a Toaster. It was connected to a computer via a TCP/IP protocol. Though this use is not some high advance technology for 2021. But it was a huge thing back then for obvious reasons. It’s use was limited because computer and internet was not that accessible to people as they are now. But since last couple of years, more and more people are starting to have personal computers and internet. Internet of things has gained popularity due to this factor.

So, Internet of Things is basically connecting physical devices to the internet that collect and share data as well. Things that can run through internet connection without human interference.  It can be as common as wrist health bands (like Fitbits) or smart TV and uncommon and unique like voice assistants, best example is Amazon’s Alexa. Other common examples are smart phones, smart watches, smart kitchen appliances and smart cars.

According to a survey report, as of 2020, there are roughly 6 billion IoT devices. And this figure is estimated to reach 41 billion by 2025.

How IoT can be used in Website development

Now let’s see how Internet of Things can be used in Website development.

Having a great website is a must for any brand. Your website is your online face. So it will be a mistake to take this lightly. Now with developing technologies; website development is getting more added tools to make a safe, secure and unique website. One of those technologies is Internet of Things.

Internet of things connects physical devices and humans relying on innovation. Using IoT in website development is more complex way than the conventional one. Because IoT web development has to deal with huge amount of data, security and privacy issues, enormous communications, ever shifting UIs and reliability issues.

Mentioned below are some necessary factors that IoT will transform website development.

#. Collection & processing of massive data

IoT systems work with huge amount of data because they gather data from sensors and process them to transfer data through the cloud network. Regular websites causes delay when this kind of data transmits through them. But in IoT approved system, the data is processed and send via cloud networks. Hence, there is no issue of any delay.

There is focus on mainly two things- network’s reliability and scalability as far as IoT web development is concerned which is not the case in the conventional web development process.   

  • Reliability : makes sure each system produce precise results without any delay.
  • Scalability : ensures distribution and collection of data but is independent of the amount of data.

#. Integration of chatbots and creative user interactions

Integration of chatbots in websites is increasing with time. These chatbots integrate with machine learning algorithms and respond to the queries of visitors which doesn’t involve any human interaction.

Other types of creativity are also available. For example, Voice search is becoming dominant in website development. ‘Florida’; major algorithm update that Google recently released. According to this algorithm, websites that are integrated with voice search will rank higher than websites with non-voice element.

#. UI experience

We are seeing paradigm shifts in technology year after year, so it becomes difficult to develop an excellent User-interface (UI). So to create an out of the box UI you can integrate IoT with it. This provides a seamless user interface experience.

#. Cybersecurity & Live support

Hacking of data is very common these days. Privacy is no longer a basic right. In this case, IoT provides security which helps to protect data, users as well as brands.

Limiting human interaction is one way creating an automated process which IoT carry out. IoT enables essential identification techniques to ensure data privacy and web security.


IoT is becoming popular day by day. Many web developers are now shifting from traditional methods of website development to IoT enabled methods.

It is necessary to realize the significance of these new technologies to stay relevant. Outdated technologies no longer provide any business to any brand. So to remain in the game you need to uplift your technology as well.