You put so much money into marketing your business online. But when the visitors do arrive at your website, they bounce back. You wonder why? Well, it is very likely that your pita score is high. So, what is a website pita score and how can you control it? This post has all those answers.

As an E-commerce organization, you must use a number of marketing and advertising methods to promote your business online. All this doesn’t only cost money but also time and effort. And after grinding for a good amount of time, you do finally manage to attract customers to your website.

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But then, they are leaving without engaging with your website. Your website’s bounce rate is shooting up. You are not able to retain visitors on your website. Why?

In all likelihood, your website’s PITA score is high.

So, what on earth is even a website PITA score? And what relevance does it have for your website?

Remember this famous scene that has been incorporated in many movies like Mr. Bean? You are in the stairway. In front of you is an old lady blocking your way. She moves so slowly that it makes you want to jump off the stairs.

Well, Rowan Atkinson had his way blocked from behind as well with another slow-walking man. But your visitors don’t. If your website is an old lady blocking forwarding slowly, your customers are free to leave from the back. They’d quit that stairway altogether and find another one.

What is PITA score?

Continuing the scenario given above, the stairway is your website. And the old lady is the sum of the elements that make your website’s PITA score go high?

Well, PITA is short for Pain in the A** (now it’s all making sense, right?)

It tells how bad experience visitors have with your website. Hence apparently, a high PITA score is bad for your website.

Haven’t you visited such websites that take an eternity to load and/or hard to navigate? You must know what a pain in the A** that is.

Why is it important to check your website’s PITA score?

Now, how many times have you bought anything from such a website? Well, I can’t tell about you but a person in their right mind would never buy anything from such a website. They won’t even engage with the website for that matter.

This will bring your dwell time down and add to the bounce rate of your website. Apparently, this is bad for your website SEO.

Precisely, the PITA score signifies how bad of an experience customers are having on your website. Naturally, if the UX of your website is poor, it won’t be able to retain visitors—let alone converting them.

Hence, it is important for E-commerce websites to make sure that your website’s PITA score is at the minimum.

What makes website’s PITA score high and how to fix it?

You have now understood what a PITA score is and why it is important to keep it in check. So now let’s talk about the factors that contribute to a high PITA score and how to control it.

And don’t worry, fixing your website’s PITA score is not difficult. With some website development remedies, it can be easily dealt with.

#Website loading and page speed

The loading speed of a website plays a big role in defining its PITA score. The longer your website takes to load, the higher your PITA score goes. Hence, it is important to make sure that your website’s loading speed is fast.

#Contact form

If the customers have to search and find your contact form, they would rather not contact your business. Searching for a contact form than getting led to a different page can be a pain in the a** for many. Therefore, it is best advised to keep a ‘mini’ contact form on nearly every page of your website.

#Information in the footer section

It is imperative that the header on your pages has adequate information. However, you can’t stuff it with too much information and icons, or else it may take too much space. But the visitors need information. Now, where do you keep that? In the footer. Moreover, now people have come to expect websites to put their important information in the footer. Hence, make sure that your webpage’s footer has all the important information like contact information, sitemap, privacy policy, about, etc.

#Broken links

Broken links translate into a frustrating user experience. Who doesn’t hate 404 error? Hence, it adds to the PITA score of a website. Therefore, it is important to find and fix them. However, in some case, 404 error is unavoidable no matter how you diligently you optimize your website. In that case, you should also optimize your 404 error page and provide visitors with possible solutions and a sitemap.


You must know by now how important mobile optimization is in website development. One big reason that your visitors find your website Pain in the A** can be that it won’t work well on mobile phones. The experience of your mobile phone visitors is very important. It plays a great role in determining the success of your website. Hence, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile phones.


PITA score signifies how visitors find your website Pain in the A**. Hence, it is important to make sure that your website’s PITA score stays at the minimum. Maintaining a good UX is an important part of website development. Moreover, the success of your website goes on to determine the success of your business’s success altogether. Not to mention how great a role it plays in search engine optimization. Hence, in order to make sure that your marketing efforts don’t go in vain, it is important to keep your website’s PITA score in check.