Website has overriding importance in E-Commerce. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you maintain a top-notch website. Since the design of a website plays a grave role in determining its quality and efficiency, it is important to make sure that your website design is flawless. But what if you don’t even know that your web design falls in the category of bad? In that case, you need to be through with what makes a good and a bad web design different.

Your website is the major representative of your business. The impression that your website leaves on your web visitor will go on to define their perception of your business as a whole. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all the elements in your website amount to a great user experience.

Hence, to begin with, optimizing your website design, you firstly need to understand the difference between good and bad web designs. For example, your website takes 5 seconds to load. Now to say, 5 seconds might not sound like much. However, for a website to take 5 seconds to load, it is not a good score.

And there are many characteristics that separate good and bad web designs. Let’s find out about them.

Differences between Good and Bad Web Designs

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Characteristics of a Good Web Design

# Responsive web design

A responsive web design is that one that makes sure the media and text on the website automatically adjust depending upon the device it is opened in. Therefore, it makes sure that no matter what device is used to access your website, there is no compromise on the user experience.

This makes responsive web design a good practice.

# Quick loading

Website loading and page speed also say a lot about it. If your website loads quickly, it is a good thing for your website design. And it should load quickly not only on desktop and laptop devices but also on mobile phones.

A quick loading website adds to a good user experience. Therefore, it is a good web designing practice to make your website load fast.

# Easy navigation

It should be easy for your visitors to find information on your website. Therefore, you need to make sure that the users easily find the expected information on your website. For that, you’d need to deliver information to them in a very clean, organized, and logical manner.

Hence, easy navigation is an important characteristic of a good web design.

# No distractions

A website with a good design is free of distractions. This means that the users are able to focus on one thing at a time. For this, websites use a minimal and clean web design.

Hence, to keep a good web design, you need to do website development in a way that it is free of distractions.

# Mobile friendly

How a website works on mobile phones plays a great role in determining whether it has a good web design or a bad one. If your website works well on mobile phones, this means it has a good web design.

Thus, make sure to maintain a good web design by optimizing for mobile phones.

Characteristics of a Bad Web Design

# Un-responsive Web Design

Unlike a good web design, a bad web design can be one that is not responsive. This implies that the website doesn’t display well on mobile phone screens. For example, the users might have to zoom in/out again and again to access it.

If you want to make sure that users have a great experience on your website regardless of the device they use to access it, it important to make sure that your website design is not un-responsive.

# Slow loading

The patience of the present-day digital customer is getting thinner. Hence, if your website is slow to load, many of your visitors will end up bouncing back from your website.

Therefore, it is always advised to keep from web designs that make your website load slowly.

# Difficult navigation

Information on a website with a bad web design is difficult to navigate. This implies that users on such websites will have a hard time finding the right information. In a website that is difficult to navigate, the content is poorly organized.

Thus, a web design that makes navigation difficult on a website is a bad one.

# Too much distractions

Unlike good web designs, bad designs have too many distractions going on. For example, if your website is stuffed with too many images, videos, and text, this can make it look tacky. Some poor web designs may also have background music playing to add to the distraction.

It doesn’t mean that it’s bad to use these elements. It’s just that if you are not careful, it can make your website look bad and distract your users from the main point. Hence, websites with too much distraction imply a bad web design.

# Difficult to access on mobile

Poor site design makes a website hard to be accessed through mobile devices. It not only harms the user experience but also harms the search rankings of the website. Hence, a website design that is not mobile user-friendly is a bad one.

Therefore, to ensure that a target market has a good experience with an e-commerce organization, it is important to keep from web designing practices that make your website hard to work on mobile phones.

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Key Takeaway

Maintaining a website with a great UX is one of the key website development practices. And web design plays such a crucial role in defining the user experience of a website. Hence, it is important to make sure that your website has a good design. In order to do that, it is first important to understand the differences between a good and a bad website design. Having reached the end of this post, you will realize that eventually all the characteristics defining a good/bad webs design come down to user experience. Therefore, for a good web design, it is important to yield a great user experience regardless of what device the website is opened on.

So, is your site design a good one or a bad one? What did you conclude? Are you looking for web design remedies? Do tell us in the comments below!