With so many marketing campaigns will be digital, it is difficult for the price of traditional marketing methods such as TV, magazines and radio advertising. The traditional method Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford is still relevant, it just depends on your business and that you are targeting. For example, if your target audience Boomers who lived in a more spread-out cities or rural areas (such as San Antonio or Austin, TX), TV ads are still valuable. If you want to reach Gen X, Z, or the millennium, however, you may avoid the traditional method.

According to the findings of the data, 61% of young adults in the United States say their main way to watch TV is via streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO Go. Only 5% of the millennium to watch digital TV via antenna. Reach a younger demographic will be the best through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

How Much Does it Cost to rent TV?

For local television stations, advertisers can expect to pay at least $ 5 per 1,000 viewers for a 30 second ad. Based on the data provided by the maxim, broadcast nationwide 30 seconds on average about $ 115,000 in 2019. Placements The average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl ad can go for upwards of $ 5.25 million.

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A television commercial advertising a local or regional show can cost an average of $ 58,000 for production and place for a few months. This TV commercial (not produced by us) the cost of appx dealer. $ 58,000 to shoot and about 4 mos. airtime spots on local TV stations.

Lead special TV advertising spot is very difficult to measure. Dealers claimed very little foot traffic and an inability to measure results. Feedback end is “it’s useless.” On a local scale, however, I believe it creates brand awareness, but may lead very little. If the target goal is more sales, I think this advertising strategy failed to deliver.

Vs. Digital Marketing TV Ads
The beauty and the impact of digital marketing is being able to see the data and the results of your marketing efforts. You can create specific campaigns that drive sales and leads. Ads are designed for brand awareness does not always convert.

Digital advertising is also much more cost-effective with the ability to go viral. You do not have to rely on ad agency or TV station to run your ads when and where they want. Take for example this short video we posted for the same dealer. That video curated from landscaper who do things a little different in our day to day routines:

The result was 1.8 million views, all free of charge. landscaper who gets credit and exposure, of course, but the trailer dealers are able to create brand awareness locally and around the world for free.

There is NO WAY TV stations can give clients the type of exposure for free, or even half the price of their regular advertising costs. We were able to do this-and view metrics.

Make Viral Video is Key
viral video can be a unicorn, but it can be done frequently if you hire the right team. The key is to make the appropriate video platforms and audiences. With viral videos that have a clear call to action, you can get leads and sales beyond your projections. (And for a budget of $ 58,000, you can create a whole series of videos for your company or brand) Most of our video ads cost of appx. $ 500 $ 5,000 each, depending on production needs or long. We even have produced commercials for as low as $ 15, just to see if we could.

Digital Marketing Campaign Costs
digital marketing campaigns varies based on the scope, objectives and targets creative. A creative video can cost the most but can get away with a range of positive outcomes. And Digital Marketing Company in Stafford videos that can live on various platforms (YouTube, Instagram Story, IGTV and Facebook).

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