A “Sales Funnel” is essentially a series of steps or the flow of sales and lead generation process. It usually starts with a bid, valuable information, giveaway or anything that interests your Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle target audience for your service, product or business.

For example, a food sampler, Ms. Jones, in the grocery store you are the type of sales channels of live-action. He draws you to appeal delicacies and you pay attention. You sample the food, maybe you’ll buy, maybe you will not. But when you’ve entered her area to sample, you basically entered the first phase of sales channels, and sample the food is “Lead Magnet.”

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What happens next depends on how well it cares for you, involved with you, or how much you like (or think you need) that breakfast sausage.

Creating an online sales funnel is like the example above with a sampler of food. This is an important process of almost Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle every business, and important in your digital marketing campaigns. Without it, you may lose most of the targeted customers and leads.

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