Structured data has become a major trend in the world of SEO in 2019, and will continue to remain Digital Marketing Company in Bath a major part of any SEO strategy in 2020 and possibly even 2021. The structured data is a way of marking HTML in a way that is recognized by major search providers. On-page markup enables users and search engines to understand what is on the web page, allowing Google, Bing and others to display structured data in the form of rich snippets.

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Without structured data, search engines will have a difficult time understanding what information your pages describe. In order to markup your web pages, you must first find the type of markup you want to use on, whether for recipes, product or video. Using the guidelines, you can mark your content with the appropriate script. If you are not very tech-savvy, you can always use markup Digital Marketing Agencies Bath generator software to make the process easier.

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