A personal brand or your personal brand is the culmination of the skills, knowledge, experience and Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton personalities that come together to speak to the world about who you are. Your brand is what basically attract and retain customers.

Creating and developing yourself as a personal brand is similar to the brand product. The overall aim of the brand is to not only tell the world your story, but to differentiate yourself or your product in the market so that you can reach your goal as a top influencer, a brand, a product or a successful blogger.

Product or brand development is not always about creating something different, but do something different.
We have created a roadmap for many of our clients and often use it to brand (or rebranding) -and goal was nearly foolproof if you follow it properly.

This one is intended for new brands that are looking to launch fresh, but you can also use it if you want to wipe the slate clean and completely change the image.

This process will require a lot of thought and research on your part. But I promise, it will be worth it. The more research and honesty you bring to the table, the better you and your brand message will be.

The following questions will guide you through your thoughts, ideas, aspirations and your personal brand image to help you clearly define your brand and personality.

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Define your goals. What personal aspirations and / or your business?
(Be specific. Clearly define your goals and objectives whether it be a famous singer, motivational speaker, the CEO of a large company or a fashion blogger) Who do you aspire to emulate?
(Ie Ariana Huffington, Oprah, Spanx, Zuckerberg, The Blonde Salad, etc.) What is your brand looks like 1, 2 or 3 years from now?
Take the time to really visualize all aspects of your brand and company. (I am a firm believer in visualization. You can not make if you can not imagine it.) What brand tagline, message or three keywords that define your brand?
(Ie Fun, Colorful, Young; Informative, Smart, Tough; “Never Stop Making”)


Before you can clearly define your personal brand objectives and strategies, it is important to do a thorough research so that you can answer the questions of your own brand. This is an important step in creating your brand, and one that should not be skipped or skimmed over.

Research! Research! Research! Do your homework.

What aspirational brand look like? What aspirational brand do you do? What did they do to get to where they are now? (Read bio, they study history) Are you willing to put in the work to succeed and do what they have done. (This is a very important question) 3-5 Who is your biggest competitor? What do they do for their own brand? What can you learn from what they do (positive or negative)


What is the overall message you want your brand to convey? List three brand attributes (adjective) associated with your brand.Where is your brand niche in the market? This defines precisely as possible.
(Ie Yoga Wear Women’s Plus Size Clothing, Author of Motivational Books) Brand Where are you now? How does the audience or the general public at the sight of you? How far away from you now where you want to be (or perceived)? (If you are unsure, compare your answer with # 1-A to this question.) Based on the assessment of your current and destination of question # 6, what can you change?


Now that you have your image and objectives agreed upon, it’s time to start applying your brand.

Make sure your brand image and message across all social media platforms are cohesive.This means your social Digital Marketing Companies Southampton media accounts to be consistent and look the same. Consistency is the key.

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