Moving a WordPress blog webpage to another domainWordPress is getting perpetually famous for distributing a wide range of sites. Strong strength, a plenty of helpful (and some not all that valuable) modules, Digital Marketing Companies Brighton  functioning designer network and an easy to understand interface are only a portion of the reasons that makes WordPress such a decent distributing stage.

In any case, things can get a little precarious while moving a site starting with one area then onto the next. We chose to dole out some valuable exhortation to facilitate your space progress.


You have to duplicate the records AND the information base. Your WordPress blog won’t work without your exceptionally significant information base!

Right off the bat, duplicate the documents from your facilitating/worker. Make sure to duplicate the shrouded documents as well. I use Filezilla. CPanel, FireFTP or one of the many FTP customers will do.

Second, duplicate your information base. Go to phpMyAdmin ( and sign in.

Select the information base you need to duplicate.

West Creatives – Moving a WordPress blog webpage to another area

At that point click on the ‘send out’ tab.

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Moving a WordPress blog webpage to another area

Here you have the fare choices. In the left field, click on ‘Select All’ to be certain you have all the tables chose. Ensure you have the ‘SQL’ radio catch chose.

Moving a WordPress blog webpage to another area

Under ‘Structure’ click on ‘Include DROP TABLE… ‘

Try not to pack the document, leave the ‘None’ radio catch chose under ‘Pressure’

Snap on ‘Go’. This ought to enact a programmed download of your information base, you have to spare this on your hard drive.

Bringing in the WordPress blog to the new area

Digital Marketing Agencies  Edinburgh  primary activity is transfer the documents to the new root registry or a sub catalog if that is the manner by which you’re setting up the new site.

Presently you have to import the information base.

Go to phpMyAdmin (, sign in.

Snap on the ‘Import’ tab.

Moving a WordPress blog website to another space

Snap on ‘Peruse’ and find the reinforcement of your blog’s information base (the .sql record you downloaded before).

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