When it comes to quality of content curation, no one did better than Netflix. For decades, the major television networks to decide what we are witnessing, without finesse. Missing Digital Marketing Agency Bath shift in attitudes in society, they left open a niche to fill the wishes of the masses for a rawer, if not realistic, story; available on our own terms. Netflix produced shows not only a success, they are institutional (which is not bound on Orange is the New Black, or dissected Black Mirror with colleagues?). And, more importantly, they make the personal consumption of content, with a focus on quality. Netflix knows you, and create a set of curated programs to suit you based on what you like, find and watch. So what does this have to do with the content of the website? Consider Google as Netflix, and you show the content to be presented to the consumer, if achieving high quality bar.

Content can not cheat
Just like forgotten ’90s sitcom you’ll never look at on-demand streaming service you (for every four Caroline’s friends Citys), stuffing keyword search engine now napalm. You can not cheat. Google knows all, basically read, or ‘crawl’ your website to quality control, promote or punish as it sees fit.

A common slogan in the digital space ‘content is king’; but, really, the quality of content is king (or queen, anyone who lives and reigns). It’s in Google’s best interest harness is now very advanced ranking algorithm to recognize the quality of the content and rank it accordingly. Remember, Google wants consumer confidence as well as you do. No animal is too big to be replaced if they do not fulfill the promise of their services.

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Throwing a bunch of keywords into the text block repeated sensible not only will stand you in poor horse with Google, it will also by anyone who visits your website. People want to answer their questions and problems solved when they click on your site; lack of valid information that will be evident pretty quickly and they will hit the ‘back’ and click on the next job.

If you want to be in the search engine rankings walk and gain the trust of customers, you need good content.

What good quality content for your website?
In an extensive study of 600,000 keyword phrase, marketing analysis firm SEMRush stated their findings, and the great benefits of a well-curated content. They found that “the main advantage of the quality and relevance of the text ‘, and that this’ play [s] a vital role in page ranking’.

What this means: when people are looking for it because they want the question answered or problem solved. Your business should aim to provide both.

A well considered bio companies including keywords (but not immersed in it) will offer a solution by means of confidence in the service and business. Then, if you also have a blog, you can offer added value to them, to help answer the questions they may have about their problems. For example, bio financing business will solve the quest ‘back taxes Newcastle’, but a blog with relevant content will also answer the question ‘What should I do if I missed my last tax return?’. If the term is searched and the content you are clumsy, too thin (not enough content), irrelevant, manipulative (did not deliver on the promise given in the header, for example) or just poorly written, it will not rank well and it has the potential to make money from your pocket , But, if it’s done well, you have found yourself a new customer.

good quality content should include:
Legitimate, useful information that solves customer problems and answer questions

accurate grammar, spelling and typos

the added value in the form of video (your own, or even share relevant YouTube clip)

Nada also considered – your content is your Digital Marketing Company in Bath voice and you want enough to represent who you are and what you stand.

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