As a digital marketing agency, we are always interested in the latest marketing and advertising trends. This summer, we can not fail to notice the colorful supermarket aisles as Digital Marketing Company Sheffield brand flew the rainbow flag for Pride month.

We could not help feeling a little uneasy.

While it is nice to see this kind of acceptance in a variety of companies, the reason behind the sport colorful rainbow logo may come from a dark place – one of the company’s profits.

We decided to see whether organizations that donate the proceeds of their campaign to the LGBT Pride + charity, and how people feel about the ‘pride of the company’ in general.

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ARE contributed to LGBT + Cause DURING THE PRIDE?
pride campaigns with oreo

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We took a look at more than 120 companies (122 to be exact), which seems to support the LGBT + community during Pride month. Several companies including: Amazon, Ikea, Walmart and H & M.

We soon found out that 29% of the companies analyzed, this is the first tie-in their pride.

The LGBT + community does not seem to mind the dramatic increase in brand support their cause – 84% of LGBT + 250 respondents said that they felt “positive” in the face of Pride wash.

More surprising, however, is the fact that only 64% of those with a campaign for this year’s Pride LGBT + donated to charitable causes. This has caused a stir in the LGBT +, with 87% of those questioned stated that all companies should donate funds to the relevant charity.

Taking to Twitter, we see the Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield reaction from the public about this brand tie-ins.

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