Hospitality is one of the most competitive industries are too crowded due to market filled with everything from high-end luxury hotels and resorts to small, economical motels and hostels. Adding the growing popularity of platforms like Airbnb, and it is clear that Digital Marketing Company Stafford the way travelers search for and booking accommodation change.

Google and other search engines treat businesses in the hospitality industry a little bit different, including a number of features that are exclusive to the list of travel accommodations. Considering 60% of travelers use search engines for online travel planning, marketing managers need to make a list of their hotels are content-rich and informative. To get the most from your list, here are five things you need to know about GMB hotel:

Lets get checked
Google Business I support the hotel check-in and check-out times
One unique feature to the list of hotels in the Google My Business is a check-in and check-out times. Google now supports the right to display this information on business profile GMB hotel. With the prevalence of the “near me” search and purchase decisions spontaneously, the hotel has a must-know information already available on their list rather than forcing users to visit their web site can be selected only for convenience.

With fast, easy ordering mindset, Google also has begun working with several hotel chains and online booking services, including Choice Hotels, and InterContinental Hotels Group Accorhotels, Priceline, Expedia, Mirai, and TravelCLICK to offer a choice of booking through mobile instant.

These check-ins (currently only available in the US) will also be pushed out in the world once the obstacles relating to language and technology adoption of Google Now voice tool is removed.

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unique design
Google has a unique design for hotel search results
Google presents a unique look for hotel search results. a date range, price range, selected facilities, and more can be filtered and users have the ability to zoom in and out of the map screen. The results page will also feature a photo (kindly provided by the hotel or delivered), information such as the environment and location, and reviews. With all this additional information is available, it is very important for the hotel to make sure every detail is covered.

Screenshot of The Maxwell Hotel New York City GMB register

Getting the best deal with “insight prices”
Google know the love of a good price comparison. By “insights price”, a searcher can see the price of comparable hotels in the area over the span of their dates. When looking at a hotel, Google will display “This hotel cost more than similar hotels nearby” message. It quickly lets users know they look to the hotels listed above the market price and make it easier for them to continue to explore their options.

Screenshot of price insight screen in Google My Business

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shortage hotel list menu, service, and reservations URL
Google is working on making the hotel booking experience easier for users, and in the process has added a number of things for hotel marketing manager for consideration. For one, Google does not allow for URL appointment / reservation business profile and not including buttons booking commissions paid. With 65% of revenue usually comes from booking hotel rooms, these features have a direct and severe effect on earnings.

Another 25% of hotel revenues can often be attributed to the built-in restaurants, bars, or special room service options, all of which can not be promoted through the hotel’s business profile. That means managers must create separate Google listings to compete with the surrounding restaurants.

Some more features of the hotel managers must do so without cover:

The ability to write their own business Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford description: The description is automatically generated by Google.

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