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Find out what video marketing trends Digital Marketing Agencies in Bournemouth you should be aware of for 2020 in order to better establish your digital marketing strategy and deliver results.
Social media, the advent of story and the way in which people consume media has contributed to making the video is more important than ever before, which means paying for realizing video marketing trends for 2020. In fact, 83% of marketers believe that video is becoming increasingly important, which marks commencement of other brands are using them as part of their digital marketing strategy.

It is estimated that people will spend minutes a day watching videos over the next few years than ever before, allowing more advertisers to invest in online video advertising to drive engagement.

forcasts see global online video

While this is great for those who produce videos, also shows that soon you’ll have more competition in this area than ever before. Just as increased use of email as a marketing channel so it is difficult to see in a crowded inbox, and are seen as useful to customers, marketers may be struggling to get the involvement of the video as the industry becomes saturated.

This means it is important that marketers stay ahead of the competition in order to provide the next big video types at the right time. Make sure you are using the latest techniques or focus on the right areas can help you continue to see the results of your video content.

To this end, we have taken a look at some great video marketing trends for 2020, which you can use to inform your digital marketing strategy. Here are some trends that we and industry experts believe you should consider before the new year:

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personalized video
Personalization is the key word is great now and is something that marketers do not just have to take seriously, but also need to get right. Not only 72% of consumers say they now will only be engaged with personalized marketing messages, 60% of marketers consider personalization become a key strategy to improve the quality of their leads.

The main strategy to generate more leads

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Outside of these statistics, personalized marketing allows you to build a relationship with your audience by providing a customized experience with them. This helps you to stand out from the crowd, giving consumers a reason to purchase and handle their needs and pain points.

Through personalization, you can provide a solution that is highly targeted to the needs of consumers, effectively saving their time when it comes to finding solutions and making purchase decisions. You will also become much more memorable, which is important because more than 90% of consumers are more inclined to buy brands that they recognize and which offers the relevant recommendations.

On top of this, 48% of consumers said that they wanted the video to reflect the products / services they are interested in when it comes to inform their decision making. Interestingly, further 43% said they wanted the video to be interactive to allow them to decide what information they want to see and when, which could be the next step personalized video.

top online video quality for consumer decision making

While personal video has been around for several years – such as personalized homepage – the increasing importance placed on the overall personalization by consumers Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth means that it is likely to take off in 2020, and for good reason.

Personalized brand that has used in the past has seen great results, like Cadbury, which was launched back in 2014. The personal video This video viewers put themselves con.

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