Your customers may not be in holiday mode yet, but retailers should, in case you did not know, Christmas is around the corner. If that was not enough, John Lewis advert has been released, and that spell Christmas. With that in mind, you need to continue Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth to potential customers that have been converted into customers. To keep them back for more (especially during the holidays) future, we share tips to increase engagement and returning visitors.

Our Top Tips to Improve Returning Visitors to Your Site
Once you turn prospects into customers, you need to keep them. We collected our main digital marketing tools and techniques to ensure brand loyalty.

email Marketing
Remarketing for Christmas article

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Email is one of the most common digital marketing tools and techniques, which allow you to communicate one-on-one with your targeted audience. You can keep them engaged through a variety of methods, and remind them to supply and service of your Christmas.

Repurchase Reminder Email
The buy-back is a reminder email marketing strategy that is often misused. Instead of emailing your prospects within a few days of purchasing them, leaving them with a reason to respond, allow more time to pass before sending a reminder to you to buy back. You must re-purchase numbers are not as high as you want, this is a fantastic tool to give consumers a reason to revisit for the missing. An example of a reminder repurchase excellent is that of Sephora. For customers who have purchased the foundation, Sephora analyzed when they may need to restock and, later, send email reminders to do so. You can also go down the route of ‘We Miss You’ email. type of email marketing can be customized with bargain hunters, with deals or discounts available to attract the attention of consumers.

At Christmas, we do not mind e-mail. Prospects, usually, in a generous mood during the holidays, so take advantage. Use your company newsletter to highlight special offers at Christmas, new content to your site (blog posts, etc.) and you may be hosting events throughout the season. However, do not send multiple emails at once, but stick to the schedule to ensure you do not spam your customers. You do not want them to unsubscribe, so stick to one, maybe two, newsletters a month to show your offer. Consider an exclusive offer for your newsletter, as a reward for those prospects to subscribe. Everyone loves a freebie …

Marketing content
content marketing is the key to attract visitors to your site, increase traffic and highlight the best products and services. Offer new content makes your site fresh and up to date.

Regular Posts
There is nothing worse than a site that does not update its contents, or even trying to keep up with the trend. Make sure you highlight the best products and services with good content marketing. In the long run, you will see the great benefits of updating your content, as you broaden your search term and rank for more keywords. Regular posting will also encourage return visitors, because they know what they are seeing is a new and useful for their purchasing needs and habits.

sharing Content
Once you have produced content, you have to share. Do not share all and throw to the back of the pile, but continue to share. You do not put all that time and effort in producing content for it to be forgotten. It is also useful to keep an eye on the most popular content with Google Analytics, and reappeared people indicates that traffic is consistently good.

This is where social media marketing comes into play. Get together a social media calendar for Christmas, and plan when and where you will share your content. Remember each social platform is different, so tailor your content to a specific place you Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth distribute your content.

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