I should go to the Concert this July. When the pandemic was hit hard in March, I was not ready to cancel my ticket. Of course, surely we will sort time for an Digital Marketing Company Stafford concert four months from now. I extended hope. Then, in June, he rescheduled for July 2021. And now I wonder if it will be enough time.

Isn’t that ironic?

Don’t you think?

What can be said: this pandemic has been there longer than we think, and wants to linger longer than we want. What looks like a short, real interlude to get now has become a reality to live with, at least for now.

As a B2B marketer, we need to rejust how we adjust our marketing with the situation of our current buyers. We no longer scramble to collect short-term improvements – we have to get out of reaction mode and become a strategic planning mode.

Our marketing agency has helped clients revise their marketing plan for months now, from messaging and audiences to tactics and measurements. Here are some of the rules we take that must be followed by other marketers:

6 New rules for marketing B2B in the Covid-19 era

Rule # 1: Always relevant

Okay, this is lacking new rules than a timely reminder. I’m sure most marketers read our blog (like smart, skilled and beautiful like you) no need to hear it. But to guard: You should never come to the audience without something worth.

Corollary: “Something worth” can’t be the same as “knowledge of how our products / solutions can improve your life.”

People are disturbed and stressed. They deal with a new crisis every day. They spend more time with their children than psychologically healthy. And they have more content than before to occupy their free time. If you ask for their attention, you must appreciate that. Entertainment, useful, good if you can.

‘Entertainment, useful, good if you can’ in your # B2B content marketing,

After you give, you can request the next step. But make sure your content is intrinsically valuable.

Rule # 2: Encourage Interaction

The pandemic lifestyle is, to put it lightly, isolate. Who thinks you can skip the hearing of rock colleagues in their chairs, playing music a little too hard, or crashing you in the hallway? Most of us are the desire of social interaction.

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If you are used to broadcasting with your content, it’s time to consider how you can start a conversation. How can you interact with your audience at the human level? How can you encourage them to interact with each other too? Think about how many audients you will appreciate an understatement, provoking with their colleagues and peers.

You can encourage interactions with content in several easy ways:

Host LinkedIn Live Chat

Run Twitter chat

Sponsor chat themed topics in video conference applications

Run interactive webinars

In general, looking for ways you can call your audience subset and make them talk, either each other and for your brand representative. We can all use fewer social interactions now.

Rule # 3: Save Message Four

I don’t know about you, but I feel horrified every time I see an ad about something “will be viral.” We are 6 months into a virus and marketer pandemic still running ads about viral! How could this happen?

This is just one example of how truly a harmless messaging, pre-covid can look tones now. Does your Digital Marketing Companies Stafford content have anecdotes about dinner parties with 15 people? Does your header picture display a crowd? Are you talking about “go to office” or “think of this on your trip?” If so, you are alienating your audience.