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Making people click your ads are only a small part of the overall marketing process, you also need a great landing page to get them to convert
campaign paid is considered to be the best choice if you want to drive results quickly, because they really get those results. However, paid advertising is not all about just bidding on the right keywords. There are some other things you need.

Making people click your ads are only a small part of the overall marketing process. The next thing they face is your landing page – a web page you have to make for the purpose of your advertising campaign. The effectiveness of this page will affect whether or not you achieve your business goals.

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The quality of the landing page creation does not require a titanic effort but it requires some research. Your approach should be used will depend on your target audience and the goals you set. After all, if you start the SEO webinar, your landing page should not look like a page promoting a gift for Mother’s Day.

On the other hand, there are the basic features common to all higher-converting ads. To make sure you know the important aspects of the quality of landing pages, you should be able to answer all the questions in this post.

  1. What is your goal?
    The first question is the most important for your entire campaign. Your goal will impact the next step. Content, design, CTA – all these aspects depends on the reason for the creation of your landing page. I rounded out the top three common goals set when it launched a campaign marketers paid:

Selling products: These goals may include several CTA, in the audience requires a different approach at different stages of the sales process. If the ads are displayed in the search results, then those clicks may have never heard of your company before. So, to encourage prospects purchase decision, it is much better to offer the following options:
A demo.
A trial version.
Call return and more.
Here’s an example landing page Blue Winston provides:

Winston blue landing page examples

parenting relationship with your audience: Goal is to contribute to your brand awareness and credibility. To achieve that, most website owners offer a free seminar or webinar. In this case, the landing page contains a brief description of the events to come, including benefits, along with the registration form.
landing page Free webinar example

Acquire customers: the landing page looks pretty simple and does not require lengthy explanation. You just need to make clear how they can sign up.
James Clear landing page customer sites

  1. Are you going to optimize your landing pages for a specific purpose?
    The answer should be yes. One of the goals = one landing page. Never try to create multiple ads for a single page, because this can lead rupture between audience expectations and what they are facing.

Let me illustrate this: I am looking for ‘AirPods buy’ on Google, There are paid results in the first position:

Apples earpods Google search results

I clicked through the ad and find a landing page to be quite frustrating:

Landing page following Google Ad

You can see the website owner did not bother to create a separate landing page for each product. Many people Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham will not want to scroll through the list of results to find what is advertised and that they might leave the page, bounce rate increases and reduces the ROI of your ad.

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