If a web design agency is large enough, there may be some people of different talents that will work on your new web design, including a web designer and web developer. That is, for those who do not know better might think pretty much the same Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton thing. When in fact, even though they were side-by-side work, they both offer something individually.

However, two very different sets of specialists and will provide you with different results depending on what your project. To provide a clearer vision of who you may need to hire for your new website, we explain the differences and how they really work together.

The Difference Between A Web Designer and Web Developer
When it comes to the overall aesthetics of your website, your web designer is there to ensure that your site looks good. It’s their job to keep an eye on how everything works and that every element of your website is not exactly what you want to do. Their main focus is on the website and make sure it’s styling is visually pleasing to you and your customers.

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They will use their skills to create eye-catching and unique design so that you will stand out and will always come up with new ways to keep your users engaged and directing them to conversion. Whether it’s signing up to the mailing list or to add something to their cart, web designers will try their best to make it easier to happen. They usually will investigate your target audience and what makes them tick so that they can customize the website to what they are looking for.

web designer will usually work with graphic design software, such as Photoshop, to create assets for your website. Their task is largely creative as they are looking for from a design standpoint, but they must use intuition to make sure your website works functional.

Then we have a web developer, whose main job is to build a web designer ideas from the bottom up. They basically take the designs created with any of the elements that have been built and fit the pieces so that it becomes a fully functional website. There are two main types of web developers, back-end and front-end.

back-end developers see the bottom, the core structure of a website. This job is not too ‘seen’ by the end user as they work is often done on the web server and database, but they are important when creating a website that actually work properly. front-end developers is that they are more connected to the web design because they are responsible for creating what the end user will see and interact with.

Web developers typically work with all kinds of ‘language’, including HTML, Javascript and JQuery to name just a few. Their goal is not to make something that basically looks interesting, but to make sure the encoding used clean and technical works well. They are often more logical in their thinking so that the site is functioning as best they can.

How They Can Work Together
Of course, depending on your project, you may only need one or the other but have both worked on a project can benefit you. If you have a core structure of your site are already Digital Marketing Company in Southampton there, you may only need a web designer. However, if you want to build something unique, having both developers and designers will be required.

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