Since the birth of the SERP content marketing and implementation of feature rich with Google, which is provided with pieces often feature equivalent to winning Digital Marketing Company Southampton a medal in your school sports day – it was great. But in this day and age, there are some considerations about whether they still hold the same values ​​today, and whether they can still be considered a “victory of the content”.

In terms of value, pieces feature has always been known to increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and increase revenue. According to a 2017 study by Ahrefs:

  • A feature piece in position number 1 got 8.6% more clicks (average), while the page rank below will get 19.6% of the clicks (average).
  • If there is a number 1 ranking pages usual without any reduction of the above features, the page will get 26% of all clicks.

Therefore, this study shows that feature pieces in the “zero” steal clicks from the number 1 ranking results.

This is great – just what we marketers content has been led to believe. However, today there is some concern that the piece features that really hurt clicks and traffic to the site in the SERP.

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This belief, in short, is because of the evolution of the SERP, which has been accused of stealing traffic away from the content marketers are working hard around the world. It is true to say that the pieces feature has evolved into an entity less clicked over the years, due to the changed format of the piece. These changes make it easier for every user question should be answered in the piece features that result in zero-click on the SERP, and hence highlight how to get a piece may not be important in the future.


  1. Option pieces as a direct answer
  2. A choice pieces of additional content
  3. Option pieces as list
    More recently, it seems that the pieces feature has been joined with a direct answer. Although the pieces feature may not seem like a direct answer, but the functions they can. If the user does not need to click to the inaugural anything to get the information they need from a search, it is a piece of features and answers directly joined together.

This means that if you are hoping to get a piece of features to win traffic, you would be very unlikely to achieve this simply because demand is being answered directly on the SERP. As a result, it is impossible for the user to click through to the website for the search will be satisfied with the response to their requests in the box features.

Once the user has read the answers to those questions, it is highly unlikely that users will continue to find the answer by clicking on the feature piece, or indeed any other URLs on the SERP. It is a modern defects of the pieces feature.

    Other features modern Footage of Google is a piece that shows the features of other supplementary content on the side of the box, often next to ‘panel of knowledge’ or ‘navigate the panels’ – sometimes both depending on search intent. By placing the next piece of additional content features, the need for each click is significantly reduced. Again, this is a modern defects of the pieces feature.
  2. LIST FEATURED AS Snapshot
    The list is presented in the form of a number or bullet point is perhaps the most common form of the pieces feature. Often, they will be displayed as a partial list, which can only be fully accessible with a single click to the site. This is the piece that content marketers constantly pursuing, however, this may change. This year, there has been some controversy over the discovery Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton piece that requires tab features to expand before the user can see the URL of the website.

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