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Arriving image is arguably the most important element of any digital marketing campaign and build a high converting landing pages require extensive testing
There are countless resources on the science behind doing split tests. However, the problem is most marketers face does not seem to know how to run a split test. It seems to split test the right variables. It’s easy to spend the budget to test you by focusing on the wrong elements.

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Here are a few elements that will have the biggest impact on your campaign. After running some split tests, you will determine the landing page elements have a strong impact on your ROI. However, keep in mind that the elements that affect your campaign most likely be different. Be sure to adjust the appropriate testing hierarchy.

long copy
written content on your landing page plays an important role in your conversion rate. Your core message is not the only thing that matters. It also depends on how long it takes for you to convey your message.

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In 2015, I read Tim Ash on landing page optimization. As one of the leading experts in landing pages and split testing, most people take what he says very seriously. However, there is one piece of wisdom in his book that I found was not always apply, at least in my own split-test. Renegade Diet Book sales page is an example of a case where marketers find a longer landing page work better.


Ash and many other experts regularly advise marketers to use a very short landing page. Short form landing pages seem to work better for most of the campaign, but there will always be exceptions. Also, even if the short form landing pages tend to work better as a whole, it is possible to make them too short. The best rule of thumb is to use as much content as needed for quick convince potential customers to buy your products or services. A good example of this school of thought is Neville Medhora that has helped companies like AppSumo optimize their content in email marketing and landing pages. When talking about copywriting, Medhora writes, “Interesting! Even if you have something interesting to say, the delivery can make people read, or run. “

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It is a good idea to test different links on your landing page copy. For some campaigns, visitors may be much more skeptical. You may need a longer landing page form to encourage them to make purchases. Difficulty converting them may also play a role.

Different visual
Visual plays a very important role on each landing page. A study of Xerox found that people are 80% more likely to read the content with powerful, captivating images.

You will have trouble delivering a strong impression of your offer without a strong image. You will also have a difficult time attracting visitors you enough to keep them on your site. Many sites like Oink using full page background image to capture the Digital Marketing Companies Southampton attention of visitors along with a contrasting color call to action drives click-throughs.


However, choosing a picture that is too eye-catching could backfire. They may attract the attention of a call to action, which will only hurt your conversion rate.

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