Color everywhere, and when thinking about your brand, it’s important to get the right color. This color will Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford play a lot on the brand, even if you do not try to. Color brand or advertising can really help your business.

HubSpot designing the Call To Action (CTA), one red and one green. CTA button red green surpass the 21%, because the color red because it is considered as an urgency.

visible color psychology on how color can affect the behavior and decision-making.


Red creates a strong emotion that can be translated into both positive and negative, therefore it is important to use it with caution. As stated earlier, can create a sense of urgency, which is why it is so good with the sale.

Red is also known to promote appetite, which is why you may see so many in the food industry.


Generally orange creates a warm feeling, because it is associated with the sun. It is also regarded as a fun, confident and friendly colors. Therefore, the color of which we will consider more non-brand companies.

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It is also the color that most people associate with being cheap, because if your business focuses on the angle, the color may be worth a look.


Most people associate yellow with being young, happy and fun. It is a bright color and non-corporate businesses can benefit more from using this color in their brand. However, be careful because this color can create a sense of caution when used with a color such as black.


Green is the color that is more soothing and relaxing, and is associated with a healthy lifestyle. This is a fresh color, which connects with the environment and healthy lifestyles; for example, healthy food and fitness.

This color can also be considered as the strong position of power, whether the power is in banking, finance, the military, it shows the power level.


This color is the trust and loyalty. It is also the color of strength and wisdom, which is why you will see these colors for many brands. Therefore, a good color to go for. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, we would suggest a different color.


If you are going after a superior and more top end of the display, then historically, purple has been the best choice. Its link with royalty have got with this status. It is primarily associated with traits such as wisdom, wealth and sophistication.


Pink is usually represented as a more feminine colors, including passionate and quality care. It has also been used in many industries to ‘break the mold’. So if you think it is a color that you can ‘break the mold’ with, why not try it?


If you are looking for a strong brand colors, then most businesses opt for black. It is classed as a luxury and a strong brand. However, it is not suitable for industries such as health issues, and the environment. So Make sure your brand is fitting.


This color represents cleanliness, sleekness, and purity. Using this color can really make the brand look Digital Marketing Company in Stafford and feel modern. However, if designed poorly, it can look cheap and lazy.

If you want your branding thoroughly planned and designed by a professional, then look at the brand development and graphic design services.