Your website is the heartbeat of your brand. If your consumer facing site errors and poor user experience, it is more likely they will look elsewhere. According Statistia, crash sites and Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford websites deadline of only a few major reasons customers abandon their carts. If your site takes too long to load or features easy-to-fix problems, you are, effectively, wasting money. The first step to improve website optimization is to identify errors on your website.

What common website mistakes?
It is fortunate that you ask, because this is where we came in. Resolving errors this site is not only one of the top SEO techniques we but will, in turn, increases conversion. There is nothing like a killer conversion of a bad website.

Google Search Console
In terms of finding fault website, by far the most useful tool is Google Search Console. More recently, Google crawlers also have updated their looks, and is currently in beta mode. Beta features are limited, but it is a sure sign that Google is investing in the accuracy and improve the usability of the platform.

Google Webmaster Tools dashboard reflects how Google views your website. It analyzes the traffic arriving at your website and, subsequently, site errors that may need to handle.

Google Search Console

Crawl errors
crawl the site error is a problem Google have experienced when looking through your website and index the pages. Errors reported are divided into the following.

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browsing errors

DNS error
DNS (Domain Name System) error is very important for your site. If Googlebot is experiencing DNS issues, can not connect to your domain via DNS issue or problem DNS lookup timeout. Fortunately, this is very rare, but if you do face this error, you should immediately contact the IT team at your home or a web hosting company. DNS issues are very important, because it is the first step for consumers to access your website. You should always take quick action if you run into a DNS error prevented Google from linking to your site.

server Connectivity
A server error, usually, means that your server is taking too long to respond, so that the times demand out. Googlebot is a robot that is busy and can only wait so long to access your site. If it can not do so within that timeframe, it is, literally, give up. In contrast to the above issues, this refers to a problem with your server. For example, your server is down or running slow. One-off problem may not be a concern, but the problem is repeated is cause for concern.

Basically, Googlebot can not retrieve your file, which is located in. However, this is a very simple fix (finally). You can use the generator robots.text, or even having your developer to create one and upload it to the root of your server. You may already have the previous file, but it is no longer accessible, so you will need to look into this further.

Soft 404 errors
In simple terms, refers to a software error 404 page that displays 200 (found) when it should be shown as a 404 (not found). To resolve this Google crawler errors, you’ll need to look at the headers are sent back from the server, make sure the code 404 is sent more than 200.

404 Not Found Error
A 404 not found error means that Googlebot tried to crawl pages that do not exist on your site. 404 pages Googlebot encountered when other sites or pages that link to the page does not exist. However, unless this is an important page to your website, you can ignore this message. Google states they do not harm your rankings, but if they are high traffic pages, then you might want to drive.

Crawl rate
Google Search Console will detail the level where they crawl your website. You do not need to stare at the Digital Marketing Companies Stafford rate of crawl, but watch out for spikes. If there is a big drop in the rate of crawl, it could be because.

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