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Google has changed the search listing associated with a piece of features, e-commerce grew more than 30% in five years, Google urged to rethink third party cookie blocking, Netflix named favorite brands UK
Google has dominated the news this week following the announcement that they have changed the search Digital Marketing Company Sheffield results to remove duplicate listings that appear as featured pieces. Find out how it can affect your strategy to read the full story below.

New research has suggested that e-commerce will account for one-fifth of all retail in 2024, as consumers turned to comfort rather than heading to a brick and mortar high street.

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In other Google news, has been asked to reconsider its decision to block third-party cookies in 2022 due to the impact it could have on digital advertising.

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Finally, Netflix has taken the top spot away from Aldi was named as the favorite brand in the UK while some brands have taken place in the top ten for the first time.

Google displays snippets Tweet

Google displays snippets will be deduplicated on page one results
Google has announced changes to the way the list appears on page one results. In a tweet, Google SearchLiasison confirms that the page that appears in the trailer is no longer a search feature to be repeated on the first page of results, pushing organic listings to page two. This change was launched on 23 Wednesday, January, affecting 100% of the global search results.

On top of this, the piece features will now be classed as one of the top ten organic listings displayed on the first page of results, effectively eliminating ‘zero position’. Organic list of cuts page features, if previously appeared on page one, will be moved to the top of page two in the search – however, this is not guaranteed. It seems that this will also be the case for a search that serve up to two pieces of feature.

While this will reduce duplication in the results, it could have an impact on traffic to the site appears in the trailer features, as yet commonplace in the past to see the page in pieces also feature appears at the bottom of the first page of results.

It is also not clear how tools like Google Search Console will face changes. There was also no information about what is happening in the organic listings of this page if you lose a position piece features, namely does this mean that it regain first page ranking? It was hoped that, because you need to be in the top results to get a piece of feature, losing one means you’re back to appear in the top ten rankings.

So what does this mean for your SEO strategy? Primarily, it means you need to consider whether to appear in a feature piece worthy or if you would like listed in the organic results on page one.

If you notice a drop in traffic or conversion to a search that you have a piece of features to, it might be worth blocking features pieces from the use of Google at the code level so that you can focus on moving up listing to page one instead. However, it is important to note that the knee-jerk reaction is not the best plan of action. Data rate over the next few months is the best way to make the right decision, as is testing your strategy.

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