But how exactly do you achieve this? What the marketing process in? Well, this methodology is widely understood Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth to have four stages: attract, convert, close and fun.

HubSpot – enter global marketing platform – now running at three stages: an interesting, engaging and fun, which you can see the illustration below flywheel them (their sales channel replacement model).

FlywheelSource HubSpot: HubSpot

We do not have a problem with this representation, but to handle four different stages can help to describe how the marketing process incoming work. This allows us to delve into the engaging stage and explore the best tactics to convert and close, as well as interesting and fun.

This label illustrates quite clearly the intention of the incoming marketing efforts at this stage: attracting new visitors to your web site; convert visitors into leads; close them lead to a sale or sign-up; and finally satisfy its customers with top-notch service to turn it into a returning customer and brand promoters.

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Let’s look more closely at this stage and explain them in a little more detail, while also checking out the best inbound marketing tactics to use at any stage.

Stages marketing methodology entry

If you want to run a successful online business you need to attract new visitors through your website. If you want to see business growth in the 21st century, driving new traffic to your site is really important and it is undoubtedly one of your goals if you are reading this article. One of the benefits of inbound marketing is that when done properly can help you do just that.

So you want to attract more traffic, but you do not want just anyone powering on your website. You want the right people, who tend to be the leads and, hopefully not too distant future, the customer. But how do you get the right kind of visitors?

Simple – with the right kind of content. If you create content that is designed to help your ideal customers are content relevant to what you offer and are useful for that ideal customer, at any stage of the journey of their buyers in, you will have an excellent opportunity to attract the right kind of visitors. Before you can work on this item you must ensure that you have worked on a few buyer personas. This is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, and they will help you target the right people, and understand what they are looking for.

Your content should answer questions and show potential customers how to solve their problems, and if possible your content should be part of the most comprehensive on the market. You also need to provide this content for prospects at the right time – that is when they need it! You need to make sure your content is published in Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth the right media for your target audience as well. Again, buyer personas should help here.

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