A free website building services like Wix or site free of charge 123 may be the way to get a website, but …

For small companies that want to Digital Marketing Company Stafford get a free website may seem like a good idea to use one of the many services now available for your victims tool / service where you can build a website for free.

I will explain why that is not as simple as it may seem and why it is a bad idea to use one of the free services for your new company website.

The first is largely free website building services have ads on your website, which is how they make money out of you.

The biggest problem with them is targeted to be on the same industry with the content of your site. So, you will become a competitor ads on your website.

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It also means having a link on your web site that redirect your visitors to other websites which as you would like ruins your chance to covert a visitor you get.

You are limited to a template that they have for you, which to be fair some of them have a large selection of templates you can choose from others not so much.

Although once you’ve set up your website, they often then lock design so you get stuck that way. An only allows you to modify your content set in the design.

You do not have access to customize the code to repair her makeup. Which is a big problem even though you may not realize this at an early stage.

SEO and Website Traffic
What good is a website if you do not get visitors / customers to your web site?

This is largely free website building services totally ignored the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Those who help you with SEO techniques are limited in what you are truly capable of doing.

When you decide to get a professional on the job to get more visitors a website, the first thing they will say is they can not work with the site you created because there is no access to your website.

Bloated code and Slow Load Times
Most of the free website building services output code is very poor due to the nature of how the site was created.

This is to enable each user to pick up and be able to create a site, often using the drag and drop feature.

The problem with this swell coding leads to slower page load, which is an important part of SEO and conversion optimization.

responsive design
Responsive design is now important in an age where so many people use their phones to view the site. It’s important you make sure your website works well on all devices.

Most of these services are now getting to the point that they offer responsive design templates, but they Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford then often damaged when you add in more features and content.

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