Last week, I found myself in a bit of creative tranquility. I felt a little flat and a bit overwhelmed but I have three clients to ideate for.

I work from home, as many have for Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham the past few weeks, and I will set aside time to ideate and brainstorming ideas for a new campaign. I had my laptop in front of me, email and slack off, and an array of colored gel pens at the ready, but it did not happen.

I’ll admit, I’m not the most creative person in Aira PR & Content team – what can I say, we all have our own thing! But working from home made me realize that my best ideas actually came in front of my colleagues.

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With this in mind, as I do so often, I decided to call on the expertise of my team were wonderful to ask for some tips, and from this thread Slack appeared full of tips and tricks to help me get a room that is more creative in the moment, let’s face the easily distracted.

Here are some tips from the team at Aira who helped me get my creative mojo back when working from home:

  1. Rest
    No matter how long you sit down at your table, if you’re in a little funk, it will not happen. Had a bit of a walk (even if it’s around your house), remove it and try to come back with a fresh outlook.
  2. Start with the data
    It can be really hard just to come up with an idea of ​​where. Try taking a look at a variety of data sources and sets to see if you are then able to ideate about the data you have found. Check out sites like, CrunchBase or even Reddit to see if you tripped over something.
  3. Take inspiration from elsewhere
    For example, the monthly bulletin Mark Porter ‘Content’ curated ‘highlights some of the best in digital PR campaigns and share topical events in the industry, so be sure to subscribe for a monthly Inspo. Websites like pudding can also be a good place to begin the creative process, or why not try to attract some of the main topics using a topic generator.
  4. Follow the positive news also
    Working in PR means we must have a tab on every aspect of the news, but take the time to actually read some positive news in your client sectors – not only does this help you gather more information, but it may lead to random, outside -the- box ideas in your head. You can also use sites like News Now and filter by sector or topic to make sure you are not too overwhelmed.
  5. Make it fun
    Try to get creative, using post-it notes, colored pens (wild, I know), and try to brainstorm on paper instead of online. It’s also important to get outside and away from your work setting – it will help activate the creative part of your brain and get those juices flowing. Listen to your music / podcast favorites can also be a great way to get into the zone when coming up with ideas.
  6. Create a pre-study doc
    A great way to spark some seed ideas is to create a pre-study document. It combines articles, datasets and themes related to the client. It can be a convenient starting point and a good base for further research and discussion.
  7. Have a chat
    If you’re anything like me and you come up with ideas by bouncing off other people, make friends ideation or someone on your team and spend 30 minutes talking with them. You can structure it so that you each come up with several articles to discuss, or simply jump on a call to see what happens. This is not a full brainstorming like that, but it can be a great way to get the juices flowing before continuing ideation alone.
  8. Have ideas of your own doc
    Inspiration may not always strike at the right moment, but make sure you make a note of when Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham it happened. Set the document or spreadsheet to keep track of all your ideas – which can be anything from an interesting article to tweet, datasets, campaign or random thoughts.

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