What is a Google search console?

Google Search Console (Previous WebMaster Tools) is a practical application that the team here uses  used every day on behalf of our clients. The basic way to describe its function is to give us an overall health check of the performance of a site. It highlights to the area of ​​website users who need attention, as well as things that Digital Marketing Company Stafford are currently functioning properly. We use it with other SEO software, to get broad insight into the function ‘behind the screen’ of a site. It automatically collects data from the site (when software and websites have been synchronized and verified), which we monitor carefully to ensure we are above every development and change, good and bad.

Useful dashes give us fundamental damage, direct needs factors known as every webmaster usually search, with every update or the latest message about the site or directly from Google. Here are the main function details that we use for:

Identify Duplicate Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

If we have new clients, new websites, existing clients who have added pages to their current sites, or the rules of ‘canonics’ are already wrong, then the possibility of some changes to the description and title tag will be needed. Google Search Console highlights to duplicate users, multiples or pages without meta descriptions and title tags. This allows us to focus our efforts on the main pages, which are most important to you so that your website does not suffer, and your SEO campaign goes well.

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Without title tags, Google Bots often struggles to categorize websites, because this is one of the main things he saw. The website without title tags or duplicates will often experience difficulties, which is why it is very important for us as a SEO specialist to find out these pages and change it.

Lost meta description, duplicate or multiple are also problematic. Without them, the browser does not have an indication of what your website is or a particular page, which can result in not clicking.

Good Meta description and title tags must be easily identified and optimized for search terms and keywords that you want to rank. This is a fundamental SEO practice, the foundation of your campaign and the tasks we completed in the first month of your time with us in .


Many new clients we came to us without sitemap, and it was a reason to worry! Simple analogy for sitemap is a floor plan of a house. Google may not be able to walk physically around your house, check each room, closet and hidden space, but can effectively see and get an understanding of your home from a detailed floor plan. Likewise, the crust budget may not allow Google to see each page of your site, but if you have a sitemap, it can get good insight. In the site map, your site pages are detailed, along with the priority of each page. You can tell Google which you think is most important and show the path of how Google bots can get there.

Google Search Console allows you to send your site site map so that Google Bot can see it. After the sitemap has been sent, the data about how many pages have been crushed, when they last crawl and whether they are indexed or not displayed. This allows us SEO experts to identify problems that have problems in site maps (such as pages that do not appear or crawl), we can also change the information in Digital Marketing Companies Stafford the sitemap to ensure Google view the page you want.

Discover how the user has historically reached your site We often conduct extensive keyword research to remain above industrial trends and changes to all our clients, using various equipment and tools.