Augmented reality (AR) – previously tapped lesser known cousin of virtual reality (VR) – changing the face of the future. All industries should take note of the possibility of AR, as we move Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield further into the digital world. It started with the development of the iPhone, and now we can put virtual furniture in our living room with Ikea application. The industry is only expected to grow, and it’s time to see what the use of augmented reality can do for your brand.

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What is augmented reality?
Far from the plot I, Robot and killer machines – augmented reality is very beneficial for your company. In simple terms, augmented reality is a technology that superimposes computer-generated images on the user’s view of the world, therefore creating augmented reality (sensible). This ‘augmented’ world view is where AR marketing comes into play, allowing you to display your products and brand messages in a completely different format – do you take inspiration from Ikea or even Pokemon Go. Download Pokemon Go, for example, a pioneer AR. Mobile applications become the most profitable applications in 2016, with over 500 million downloads by the end of the year, and a total of 750 million worldwide.

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AR statistics
With large-scale enterprises to switch to this technology, augmented reality marketing has experienced growth unprecedented in the last two years. To put it into perspective, the use of augmented reality is significantly improved, with the industry expected to boast one billion users by 2020. Further to that, the income of AR estimated to be worth four times the reality of virtual marketing, with 60% of consumers believe there are benefits clear to use AR. This statement should be enough for e-commerce stores to record, look into the possibilities of augmented reality shopping.

augmented reality marketing
augmented reality

Our last point brings us to the use of augmented reality – especially in the marketing industry. Many companies are still finding their feet in a new industry, but there is a huge scope for potential. For example, Ikea place shows the tool provides the opportunity for consumers to ‘place’ of their products at home. Therefore, consumers already have an idea how the product will look in their homes, so as to encourage them to buy. Once you have seen a particular product in your home and loved the view, it is difficult to draw against the purchase. Following on from the success of the application, they build the AR application that provides guidance on how to make their furniture, take users to the world of augmented to do so.

Augmented reality shopping, perhaps, advancing aspect most industries, with retail stores adopt a large-scale trend. Potential home put your product in your target is exponential, but is likely to inhibit the high road even more as the online mobile stores to meet consumer demand.

We also believe the digital marketing world must adapt to the increase in marketing augmented reality. One of the main considerations to take into account is the lack of advertising. There is no place for a header marketing and advertising deals etc., so agencies need to get wise to what bid. How will advertisers get traffic? To combat the lack of advertisement, we will begin to see the AR takes the place of social marketing advertising and the like. Estee Lauder is a brand at the forefront of the trend, allowing customers to try their makeup virtually via their Facebook messenger chatbot messages. Similarly, traditional billboard will be replaced with an exciting and innovative 3D content, streaming directly to consumers.

video content
360 video

In our previous article, we have explored the opportunity for video content – especially since there are more Digital Marketing Companies in Sheffield

than 22 million video views daily at YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook. This figure is constantly changing and improving.

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