“Myths which are believed in tend to become true” This is true in the area of web design also. There are many common myths which people have believed in for so long they have taken the shape of truth. So in this article I am going to debunk some common web design myths.

If you run a business you definitely have a website. Your website is the face of your business online.Your website tells your customers about the products and services you offer to them. It tells a lot about your brand as well, the values of your brand, all of these things make a impression on your customer.

If you design your website keeping the myths in your mind then you are probably making a mistake. You need to avoid these myths at all costs. So, let’s talk about common web design myths that you need to get rid of now.

Common Web design myths

✱ Home page alone impresses the visitor

Concentrating all your focus on designing a home page will not make any difference if you ignore the rest of the parts of website. Surely, home page is important, it does make the first impression on the visitor. If you have an amazing home page you may keep the visitor for few minutes on your site but if the rest of the web pages are not equally good then you will lose that visitor.

Besides that, sometimes visitors don’t enter your site through the home page, they may click on a link which may land them on a landing page which is not a home page most of the times, so in that case if you’re landing page is not good enough like the home page so it will not be of any good.

If you have good content on your home page and not so good content on rest of the pages then that will not make a good impression. So distribute your focus and resources on every facet of the website and not just the home page.

 ✱ Website should be over loaded with content

‘Content is king’ without a doubt and therefore having good quality, authentic content is very necessary, the amount of content you put on your website should not be more than required. It is a very common misconception that filling your website with loads of content will gain it more visitors, let me break that bubble for you. It is not true.

Your content should be to the point and precise. Just give the visitor what they need to know. Your content should give all the necessary and basic details about your products and services.

✱ All work done when designing is done

This is another common web design myth. People think that once they have designed the website, their work is done which is so false. Infact the real work starts after designing site. Your website will need frequent checks and updates. There are many problems which brands face even when they have a well designed website.

  • Broken links and errors
  • Designs get non responsive
  • Regular update of plugins   
  • Making constant changes in content to keep it fresh and relevant

All these things are checked frequently in order to make website function properly.

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✱ Design should serve only target audience

Definitely you should give importance to your target audience but there is no sense in designing a website just to serve the target audience. You can make a website that caters to multiple audiences. For instance, e-commerce websites, they don’t have a single target audience. They have customers from various regions, different age groups and varying demographics. So you can draft a website that can serve to multiple audiences according to their needs and preferences and not just a specific age group or region.

✱ Desktop version is good so don’t need to do more

This is a very common myth among brands that having a desktop optimized website is strong enough to earn you those profits. Infact it is the reverse. Now that we are witnessing a huge rise in the number of smartphone users this would be the biggest mistake anyone could make.

If we go by a research that says 85 percent of people has said that the motile version of website should be as good as the desktop version.  I mean why a big business like Amazon focuses so much on its mobile version of the site because they understand the power of mobile phone users.

Mobile phone users are more than desktop users. People mostly do online shopping on their phone so make sure the website is mobile-friendly. Mobile version of the website should be as fast and responsive as it is on the desktop.

✱ Only aesthetics will do the job

Surely, a visually attractive website will grab a lot of eye balls but if its only the aesthetics and not some high quality good content, then those visitors will leave the site immediately. Having great visuals is important but you need to put content that provide the important information as well.

Aesthetics are like an add on to your content. Your content should guide the visitor and provide him the information that he is looking for. Your website should be a mirror to your brand. Visuals are great but it need to have a content strategy as well.  

To wrap up

Web designing is an important part of website development process. If you follow the same myths while this process then you will not make any profit out of it. It’s time that we debunk these myths and follow the right strategy so that we can have a successful website and hence a successful business.