Deciding a domain name is like deciding a child’s name, while child’s name can be common but the domain name must be very unique. With millions of domains already registered on the internet it becomes difficult to create a domain name that’s different. Creating a good domain name is really important as it represents your site in front of the audience and also it influences the optimization of the sites in search results in a positive manner.

If you are developing a website for your business then you must have a good domain name in order to provide better web service to the user. Because the better the domain name, the better the business will do. It measures the success of a website.

So what are the features of a good domain name? Bear with me till the very end of this article while I will mention seven important features

Let’s get right into it

 7 Features of a good domain name

good domain name

1. It should be short

It is a fact that short words are easy to remember than lengthy words. And It will surprise you to know that most of the possible domain names consists of just 3 to 4 letters and the one with 5 letters are no longer in business. There is no sure-shot number of letters that makes a domain name successful but yes it should be between 3 to 4 letters and below 10 characters. And never ever let it go beyond 20 characters.

2. It should be easy to remember

It is not necessary that a short domain name will be easy to remember infact sometimes the short names are hard to remember because they don’t make any sense. And long ones are easy to remember. For instance, “” looks bigger than “” but the latter one is definitely hard to remember and the former one is easy to remember.

It should make sense even if it is short. And narrow down it if it consist more than required information. For example, “” is definitely better and suitable than “”. So eliminate the unnecessary elements and keep it just what the visitor needs to know.

3. Make it global with “.com”

Having a global domain name is very important and fruitful. For instance, “” would definitely draw more traffic than “” or ”” etc. Country specific extensions limits the flow of users to your site. Keep “.com” as the extension because it will give you a reach to the audience all around the world and not just restricted to audience of your country.

It is possible sometimes you might not get the extension due to already existing domain name, so what? You have to make changes accordingly. It is always advisable to use “.com” for better results.  

4. It should match with your site niche

It should give an idea to the visitor what he can expects to see in your website. It should match with the kind of website you run. If you run a website on fashion blogs then your domain name should reflect that. Otherwise it will confuse the user and it doesn’t make a good impression on the user that visits your website. Always use English name as it provides a worldwide reach to your website.

5. It should be easy to spell

It should be easy to spell too. Try to have a simpler one which is easy to spell because hard to spell domain names can send your visitor to a wrong website which will benefit from your mistake. Avoid domain names that consists of repeating letters for instance, how most of the people are confused between the word ‘possession’ and ‘possesses’ so avoid hard to spell words.

And also avoid spelling mistakes as it can divert all your traffic to the right spelled one. Make sure there is no spelling mistake while finalizing it.

6. Include your brand name

Brand names are the ones that make a particular product recognizable. They don’t make any sense most of the times but they stand out because of their unique name. For instance, the best example is Google, it doesn’t mean anything in the dictionary but it is a name that people recognize easily.

Another example is ‘Sony’, the brand’s title is meaning less but because it is a big brand, it is popular and usable as a domain name. So you can make brand able domain name. Having a creative brand name can make your domain name unique and easy to recognize.

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7. Using numbers is not a good idea

This is one of the worst mistake you can do. Using numbers in domain name can create a lot of confusion. For instance, if you tell somebody your domain name is “” then the other person might get confused with it, he may think that it is “” or “” and nobody would like to search all the ‘possible combination’, so avoid using numbers as it can create a lot of confusion.

Summing up

Domain name is a crucial part of website development process. Having a good one for your website can make a lot of difference in the traffic that your website gathers and the sales that your business can make. So follow these above mentioned tips and try to include these features.