Having a high conversion rate is definitely a sign of success of any business. But does website design affect it any way? Yes it does. Infact conversion rate has often been correlated with the quality of the landing page. Now you must be thinking what is a landing page and how does it affect conversion rate? Don’t worry, I will be discussing all about it and will share ten ways to create a high converting landing page.

What is a landing page?

The very basic aim of making a landing page is to increase the conversion rate. They are not discrete, they go hand in hand. A good landing page means high conversion rate. If a site has high conversion rate then it’s landing page will definitely be good. So, a landing page is a standalone page which is dedicated to a specific campaign or offer run by a business. It can be home page too.

The only difference between them is the way by which they are found. People generally find home page through social media or word of mouth but landing pages are found through organic search results by using keywords. Home page has a number of different call to actions but landing page has been created for a single specific purpose to convert so it usually has very few call to actions.

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10 ways to create a high converting landing page

high converting landing page
Here are listed ten tips you can use to create a high converting landing page

1. Convincing headline

What is the first thing that a user see when he lands on your landing page, its the headline. So you need to make sure your headline is persuasive, it should be attractive and compelling. If you can capture the user through the headline it will be really helpful to make him stay on your page for longer period of time.

A headline alone can get you good amount of traffic on your page which will also be helpful in lowering the bounce rate of your site and eventually improving your site’s ranking.

2. Provide relevant information

Just imagine if you clicked on a page thinking you would get details about a book that you want to purchase but there is some irrelevant information is given then how would you feel, definitely duped. And you might even decide to not visit that site ever again.

What you need to do is to provide the relevant and enough information to the user. Information should be that much that can help the user to make his decision whether he wants to buy your product and services or not. Never put any spammy links or misleading information on your landing page.

3. Your offer should align with audience

People that come to your landing page expects you to provide them things that they need. Alignment is the most important element of conversion rate optimization. Your offer should be in line with what your audience needs. If your offer is not in alignment with the needs of your audience then you will lose them and the conversion rate will reduce.

4. Your ad copy should align your headline

The ad copy and the headline should match word to word or at least should be very much similar. If the ad and headline are different, the users can get confused and they might leave your site then. So it is an important factor that can influence your conversion rate.

5. Include pictures

In the digital world, textual content has become less interesting so this may prove to be a negative thing for conversion rate of your landing page. Especially for e-commerce websites, it is very necessary to add pictures of products.

So, you can add images and visuals to make your content engaging and interesting. You can add the image of the product that is included in the offer. Or your images can draw their attention to the call of action.

6. Clear explanation

Since you only have a single page to show you’ve got to utilize it completely. Clearly explain all the necessary information about your offer. Don’t leave any important point to mention. Your audience should understand what you are offering them.

7. Compelling call to action

Call to action is the biggest factor affecting the conversion rate, after headline. So, make sure you have compelling call to action on your landing page. Call to action should be short and precise. 5-7 words are enough.

8. Limited fields in forms

Query forms are very common and necessary to include on your landing page. But if they are very long and ask for more than necessary information then that will annoy the user, so make sure the fields are limited in the form. Only ask the necessary information and nothing more than that. If you just require the name and email address to communicate with them, just ask for these two things only. This will affect conversion rate of your landing page positively.

9. Begin with a blank page

A good landing page is the one which has the least distraction. Your landing page should not have navigation page filled with different categories because the only purpose of the landing page is to convert the customer, so your landing page need to be clear cut and to the point. No extraneous links and no distractions. Just provide the details of the offer and the required call to action in order to convert the customers.

10. Responsive design

A responsive web page is the best to draw the traffic. Your landing page should be responsive not for just desktop users but for mobile users as well. As we all know that the number of mobile phone users have increased all over the world. So it would be a blunder to ignore such massive number of audience that can become your customers. So have your landing page mobile optimized.


Website development is a critical process and it involves a lot of major and minor details to be added. A landing page is very important for a business and if the conversion rate is not good enough then that will affect it negatively. So, to make an online business successful you need to follow the above mentioned points in order to build a high converting landing page.