Let’s face it – there is a LOT of information on the Internet about SEO and how to do things very tactical as Digital Marketing Agency in Newcastle build new links, improve information architecture, writing proper title tags, doing SEO audit, and the like.

There is a lot of information about how to do SEO, but there is unfortunately a little out there about SEO measurement and find out if you get the advantage. When you Google [seo metric] (and find the article other than this one) the possibility of their own SEO metrics that matter.

This is a problem, and here’s why.

A conversation I recently had with someone who wants to rent goes like this:

Me: So, what kind of results you see from your company today?
Them: Well, they do audits, built a few links, and they are already producing 4 blog posts a month.
Me: Sounds like it could be a pretty good holistic SEO program. What kind of results are you seeing?
Them: Well, we have not moved Domain Authority.
Me: What about the traffic, leads, conversions? What have they done?
Them: Well, last SEO agency we continue our Analytics and this one has not been set yet, so we do not know.
Me: ?

This conversation, to put it nicely, frustrate me. They frustrated me because SEO is a major part of online businesses and yet so many businesses do not measure the impact and thus are under-investing in it.

For businesses working with the company, this is a problem for you because you have a problem showing ROI SEO for your boss and continue to justify the expenditure. Executives then hook into some nebulous metrics and ask you about it and you leave talking about the specific metrics that do not matter when all you’re driving business impact is negligible.

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For companies or consultants working with clients, this is a problem because your ability to drive results affected by the budget you have to do activities that affect business metrics. For too long, the SEO company has reported on metrics such as “links built” or “Domain Authority”, when people do not drive the business and does not indicate a positive business impact your work is having. Without knowing or show the impact that the budget will not increase and the impact therefore will not increase. And too often, you lose clients even when employment and business results has been achieved.

So let’s stop it. Today, here and now, I want the two sides are committed to measuring the metrics that are important for business growth. Whether it is lead (which was later turned into a client) or income, this measure is ultimately what makes everyone work and continue growing the business.

Business SEO metrics metrics vs. SEO practitioners
Before we go further into this diatribe, let’s first distinguish between an SEO business metrics and metrics that SEO practitioners need to keep track of (or know where to find the minimum).

Business SEO metrics are numbers that you report to the executive. It is simple – they are the metrics that executives responsible for the company’s performance and the metrics that help them make strategic decisions about where to invest in the future.

SEO practitioners metric is the number that they are driving the performance of SEO should measure, monitor, and optimize business metrics affect SEO.

SEO metrics reported to the client’s business and executives to demonstrate the business value of your work with them.

SEO metrics help SEO practitioners encourage SEO strategy to get a number and then report to the executive. Of course, if the in-house SEO team then you probably will discuss metrics SEO practitioners to them.

4 SEO business metrics that matter (and some that are not)
First, let’s talk about SEO business Digital Marketing Company Newcastle metrics that matter when reporting to clients to show them the impact of your work.

This is:

Year on year increase in organic traffic
Keyword calculate repair
Revenue / leads from organic
competitive market
Before we get to them, I must clarify one thing.

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