To have a successful marketing and SEO campaign, you must first decide which marketing KPI selection is clear and traceable. KPIs, or key performance indicators, which measured the values ​​that you can use to measure and monitor the success of your Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth campaign and your overall business. It is best practice for businesses to use several KPIs at various levels to evaluate their success in reaching the target, as well as highlighting the performance in other areas of the business.

What Makes an Effective KPI?

Before we delve into the 10 essential marketing KPI you should be tracking, it is first important to know what makes these values ​​are very effective for your business and marketing campaigns.

Often, businesses are unaware take KPI wrong. This leads to confusion when the KPI they do not reflect their business or failed to reflect positive changes. This means it is important to choose the right marketing KPI to be applied to your campaign.

With the right KPIs, you can gain valuable insight about your business. You get a better understanding of the tactics that work well and are able to identify people who might be holding you back in your campaign.

KPI You Should Be Tracking

With years of experience in the marketing sector, we like to think that we are pretty clued up on some of the most important marketing KPI you should be tracking in your campaign! We’ve compiled a top 10 list of marketing KPIs that we think is very important for your marketing campaign.

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Do not want to read all that? Skip to the bits you need here:

  1. Driven by Leading Marketing Revenue
  2. Lead Quality
  3. Volume Lead
  4. Customer Lifetime Value
  5. Landing Page Conversion Rates
  6. Website Traffic
  7. Website Traffic to Website Ratio Lead
  8. Customer Acquisition Cost
  9. Blog Post Visits
  10. Email Marketing Campaign
  11. Driven by Leading Marketing Revenue
    This refers to the percentage of revenue derived from digital marketing efforts. By measuring the marketing KPI’s in our campaign, you can get a quality insight into the impact of the campaign and prove ROI of your digital marketing.

The proof is in the pudding. If you get a big income, chances are you have a large marketing campaign to drive your business forward. On the other hand, if your income falls short of the desired business objectives, it may be time to reevaluate your marketing campaign.

  1. Lead Quality
    Assessing the original quality of your leads can show you if you manage to target the right audience in your campaign. Many marketing professionals say that only 50% of the leads they have good quality and ready to be converted or preserved.

Quality leads means your digital marketing efforts will pay off. However, if you receive a lot of leads but none of them were converts, perhaps you target the wrong audience because it was a waste of money and resources.

By measuring your leads, you can ensure you only target quality leads that will eventually convert on your site and filter out any low quality leads. To measure these leads, you will need to download some kind of tracking on your website, such as Google Analytics.

  1. Volume Lead
    The number of leads that you generate directly reflect the range you achieve in your marketing campaign. Volume KPI marketing lead is essential and very important for B2B business.

These marketing KPIs Why so important? Well, the higher volume of leads means more potential sales. It can show if your marketing campaigns are driving the results were enough for your business while also highlighting any traps in your campaign.

  1. Customer Lifetime Value
    While fresh produce important new leads for your business, it’s just as important to have a loyal customer Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth base that provides your business with a custom back and continued value.

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