I previously did a podcast episode about spending big money on coaches, where I talk through why I think coaching is the secret weapon. But I have to expand it.

For me, the most difficult thing about the business is figuring out who to listen to. There is so much advice Digital Marketing Company Sheffield out there that it is difficult to cut through the noise.

So, I have created a rubric for myself to see if I have to listen to someone:

They have done before?
Are they published about it online so that others can interact with their ideas, and thus the author gets clearer in their thinking?
Do I like them as a person and want to be similar to what they have?
If someone has two but not all three, I deprioritize listen to them. Simply put, to listen to people with experience, humility to be wrong, and who has done it all in the service live the life you want to live well.

Mari appearance in all three.

I say this as “Have they done this before?”, But let’s get a little more clear about what I mean by “it”.

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By “it” I mean two things:

Do they build the kind of business you are building? and
Do they have the experience to train others?
Why do I look for both.

In “building the kind of business you are building” side, I do this because I want someone who has seen the road map and can accelerate my learning while helping me avoid the pitfalls they go through. While each business is different, every business model has challenges that you can learn from. I want to speed up learning as much as possible.

And on “experience to train others” side, I strongly believe in coaching / consulting skills learned. Being strategically help train see blind spots and be proactive in addressing them and teach strategies is something that an experienced coach can do. While less experienced coach may be just as much learning, they may be ineffective in communicating this learning.

They should have-could prove a track record of growing businesses like yours.

clarity of thought
Something I value very clarity of thought and have honed your thoughts and beliefs in public view. Some of this may come from the two years I spent in a commune in Switzerland where every idea is on the table and you are challenged every day.

There is nothing like a daily debate and challenge to really improve confidence and changed his mind on the area you stubbornly hold or did not know you were held at all.

Something that is important to me, as the creator of the content before I was anything else, is to see that they have published on their trades online so that others can interact with their ideas.

Take Chris Lema example. In ChrisLema.com he published HUNDREDS of posts about WordPress, which let me know that he is one of the most qualified person to help me grow the business based on WordPress. He also built and sold several markets and other business, which means he understands the unique challenges that the market has.

But without publishing and talk like him, he will not have the clarity that comes from public teachings ..

Direction in life
Finally, one of which I have added in the last few years is whether I as a coach as a person and then I ask myself if I want to live that is similar to what they had.

There are many successful people out there, and many ways to become and remain successful. There are many ways to live your life as well, but not all of them are for you.

For me, the things I look for are:

Is the well thought of by others?
Are they family oriented and understand the challenges that come from being a parent as well as an entrepreneur?
Are they consistently strive to get better?
Do they have a coach too?
Life and business are dynamic, so it’s important to not only see their particular experience but also to see Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield what direction they are going on their way.

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