One thing that is common online business owners want to do is check how much traffic their competitors get. This is useful for several reasons, namely:

Knowing your position in the industry
See what is possible for your own website
Inform your own digital marketing strategy
Identify websites that might be Digital Marketing Company Stafford useful to refer customers to your site
While we did not / do not have to be interested only copy our competitors’ strategies, this knowledge can be useful when applied in the right way. I often find interesting marketing strategy of studying my competition and similar businesses in other verticals.

How to check the site’s traffic from other sites
In order to check the website traffic to other sites, you will need access to the tools.

If you are primarily concerned organic (SEO) and paid traffic, then we highly recommend SEMRush. links that make your 30-day free trial (only available via the link), and we’ve paid users for years.

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If you are looking for a holistic view of all the traffic going to the websites (including social media and direct) then we recommend SimilarWeb. They have a free level and the level of the Enterprise, and the tools are not cheap. But the free tier gets you started.

Web site traffic by SEMRush
SEMRush definitely SEO-focused tool, so if you’re looking to understand which keywords or competitor sites are ranked for then this is the tool to use.

Remember: get a 30 day free trial SEMRush here.

Once you have SEMRush account, navigate to link similar to this one:

Simply swap out “” for the site you want to analyze.

You will be dropped on the dashboard, and you will find a chart like this:

Then you can drill down into individual organic keywords:

You keep scrolling down the page, you’ll see paid advertising competitive landscape, top keywords, and more. The following reports for

Web site traffic with SimilarWeb
When you log into SimilarWeb, you are asked to make a workspace compare your website against your competition.

When I do this, I see that the Credo got ~ 5% of the available traffic between me and my competitors. We are number 3 in this group:

When I use the tools of their research to look at the competitors, I get a view like this:

I can see where my competitors get their traffic from, to inform where I invest my marketing dollars.

You can also dig into their specific data around organic traffic and even keywords they buy traffic (with a paid plan). Very valuable!

What other ways should be found to check the site’s traffic from other websites?

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