In the recent years, we have witnessed a huge growth in number of e-learning websites. Are you trying to build a successful e-learning website? Then keep reading this blog. We are surrounded with a vast frontier of information; credit goes to cheaper mobile phones and easy access to internet connection. We can learn everything that’s under the sun online. But within this vast ocean of information it is difficult to determine which one is authentic and genuine. That’s why e-learning platforms have entered the market.

Creating a high quality e-learning content is not an easy path. It needs brilliant minds, people with expertise of the subject matter and then it involves a whole lot planning and process. Some things are important to have in mind before starting work on an e-learning website. Website development is not an easy thing to do especially when it comes to building an e-learning website. People expect original and valuable content from online learning. If you are thinking to start an e-learning website then you must be having many doubts and questions in your mind. You must be wondering how you should go about it, don’t stress yourself, in this article you can learn ten ways you can use to make a flawless e-learning website of your very own.

10 Ways to make a flawless e-learning website

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Let’s discuss ten ways to make a flawless e-learning website

1. Find your Target audience

Before starting to design an app or a website you need to do a thorough research on your target audience. Find out you’re target audience. Look for their interests, what they are searching for, what kind of content they want to see then you make a plan. Think of ways you can create engaging content for them. What kind of technology you can use. Once you find out the answers to these questions you can move to make a plan.

2. Great content

What makes you different from the rest is the quality of content you give to your users. Giving them low quality or duplicate content can prove to be a huge blunder for you. Audience wants original, high quality content that can add some value to their knowledge. So try to produce great quality and authentic content. And try to make it interesting; don’t use the plain text alone. Add some images, short clips and unique graphics and animation to make the learning interesting and engaging to the user.

3. Have great educators onboard

You have great content but you need an equally good teacher to explain that content to the learners. Partner with intelligent educators. You can engage foreign teachers if possible. For example, for a language course, it would be great to have the native teacher of that language. Having teachers who are experts in their field will draw learners to your site. You can also have guest lectures from some famous teachers. All these things will help your site to gain more students.

4. Reward system

To make the learning fun, you can give rewards to your bright students. Students who perform well deserve appreciation and acknowledgement, because they put in a lot of efforts to ace their performance. So give them certain rewards like badges, ranking or quiz games.

5. User-friendly UI

Your website’s user interface (UI) should give a good user experience to the students. Keep a minimalistic look so that the students don’t get distracted. If there are unnecessary elements all over the place then that would look messy and might confuse and  irritate the student. Have a simple and easy to access user interface. The web services that you provide should enhance the user experience of the students.

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6. Regular assessments

Just studying is not a complete thing, analyzing the performance is equally important. Because it is important for the students to know if they are making progress and if not, then where they are lacking so that they can work on their weak subject.  Tests and quizzes should be conducted once in a while to assess the students. And their results should be discussed with them.

7. Give certificates

If you are running a particular course then you can offer certificates on completion. Certificates would give them a good feeling and these certificates can add up to their skills and knowledge. They can enhance their prospects when they enter the workforce. A leaderboard can be made indicating the top performing students. Whoever comes out on top can get a discount on other course or a verified honors certificate.  

8. Accept feedback

Even though you have great content and expert teachers. There are still some issues which you might not know that students are facing. So to overcome that, ask for feedback from students. The reviews will help you overcoming any issue that they are facing. Teacher rating will help you understand which teacher is actually teaching good and if the students has any issue with teaching of any teacher. All these things will help you improve the shortcomings.

9. Multi-language approach

If you have an international e-learning platform, then it is important to have a multi-lingual learning. Because people are more comfortable in their native language. For example, in some countries education is done in native language only. Provide the ability to switch between languages. So, for those students it will be a great move.  

10. Promote e-learning platform

If you have a great quality e-learning site but it is not promoted enough then it will not  get that desired amount of learners.  It is of utmost importance to promote your business. In present times, there are many marketing platform beyond traditional marketing. Digital marketing is one such place. Within which, social media marketing is a great way to promote your business. Social media will give you that reach to the audience.

Final word

If you want to make your e-learning platform a big one then follow the abovementioned points. A lot of planning goes to make a business successful. It requires good management skills, attention and patience, as famously said “Rome was not built in a day”. Great things take time to grow.  So, do your necessary research in this field, have a team of experts and then start.