Digital marketing world and especially Search Engine Optimization changed every day and sometimes it is a struggle to maintain or even know where to start.

However, there are some principles remain unchanged, quick and easy to do and give great results. It is a good idea Digital Marketing Agency in Bath to start with this while you research and learn about the long-term SEO strategy.

In this blog, we give you five simple SEO tricks that you can apply to your business immediately. If you focus on this technique, you will definitely improve your search rankings and drive traffic to your site without the risk of a Google penalty.

Do not want to read all that? Skip to the bits you need here:

  1. Increase Site Speed
  2. Set Up And Start Using Google My Business Account
  3. Writing a great description Meta
  4. Use the URL Meaningful
  5. Links To Other Websites
  6. Increase Site Speed
    Page and website speed is an important factor for SEO and to get your site on top of Google search results. Apart from the quality of your content, if you have a slow web site, you will frustrate your users, preventing them from getting involved and even cause them to look elsewhere.

slow site is also considered as untrustworthy; not only in the eyes of your users, but also Google, which will hurt your search rankings.

According to Econsultancy, 40% of people leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 80% of people do not come back to try again. SEO Guru famous, Neil Patel, explain more about how the load time can affect the bottom line.

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To avoid user frustration you, ruin your user experience, conversion and sales, follow the tips below to increase the speed of your site:

Clear the cache of your site. When someone visits a website, the data they create on each page is stored temporarily on the hard drive. This data is then used and loaded each time the user comes back to the same site, rather than sending another HTTP request back to the server. Clear cache and data are stored not only will speed up loading of your content, but also accommodating and happy those who frequently visit your site.
Disable any plugins you do not use from your CMS. Whether you’re a WordPress user or site is hosted on a Content Management System to another, it will more than likely come up with loads of plugins and extensions that you might not use. You may also not fixed this and if one plugin slows down your site, you can find one sooner or remove it altogether.
Declutter your site’s navigation bar. Not only can you communicate more effectively using minimalist design and pleasing your users, but it has a simple navigation bar can also increase the speed of your site because there is not as much content to load. We recommend to also show only the widgets that you know really works.
Decrease file. This is a method of removing a whitespace, line breaks, comments, block the barrier and other unnecessary characters from the source code of your website pages and content. This will help load them faster, improve site speed and performance.
Optimize image. If the user’s experience and creativity are at the forefront of your mind when it comes to web design, it is tempting to use the amazing imagery that is high in resolution. However, this really can slow your site down. Even if you lose once uploaded, your site will still need to load the original size, which is not necessary. Make sure you reduce the size before you upload them to your CMS.
Compress file. Enabling compression is like putting your site into a .zip file, which we all know is useful when receiving and sending large files or groups. Do the same for your website Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath can knock off a whopping 50% -70% of your file, which is a data warehouse load that your users will not have to wait to download!

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