There is no shortage of digital marketing predictions this month, most of which center around themes-including Digital Marketing Company in Stafford some of the core continues to rise automation and, by proxy, the loss of marketers granular control over their campaigns paid. But we heard the same lament this time last year, is not it? Has anything changed?

In our industry, progress comes in waves. While the predicted trends and concerns for 2019 are not always wrong, tone and tenor misplaced. It is, in fact, the golden era of digital media. Never before has a lot of tools, resources, data sources, and platforms that are available to marketers. As Peter Drucker once wrote, “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic “, so let us explore the trends and developments we can all agree on-and, more importantly, learn how to prepare and prosper should this prediction applies.

Expect yet more automation
Automation has touched almost every aspect of the search. We have seen automation in the ad copy (RSA), offers (intelligent bidding) and optimization (Optimization Score). But all this is a logical continuation of a trend that has endured over the last five years and more.

The aim of the RSA is to show a copy of the most relevant ads to users at any given time. This format is a natural progression from the ad rotation and DKI (dynamic keyword insertion).
algorithms offer has been moved from a third-party platform in Google and Bing ads because they drastically improve account performance and a win for everyone involved.
Since an Enhanced Campaign launched in 2013, advertisers have been able to add a bid multiplier for the time of day, device, location, and allows for the scheduling of the extension, copy, and more. It was the start of bidding on the signal around the purpose and context, de-emphasizing the actual keywords. One can argue that this is the first example of spectators deals in Google Ads.
How prosperous ?
Structure your campaigns with the same perform keyword and ad group. Do not be so tied to the theme of your keywords. consistent data and uniformity of performance will allow the algorithm to make predictions which deals both at low and high volume of the same quest. It will future-proof your account as automation continues to creep into more and more aspects of your account.

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Screenshot displaying Google Smart Campaign as an option

Make sure that the most appropriate course always suitable for relevant queries, and that BMM (broad match modifier) ​​is only used for prospecting new search. This is done by adding all of the most appropriate keywords as negative for BMM campaign or ad group, not just the parallel terms ([keyword] and + keywords, for example). Artificially inflating BMM term performance would only result in thinner data for terms that best suits you and BMM higher bid, which would undermine the opportunity and efficiency (tl; dr = provide clean algorithm, data is more predictable).

We stayed in the SERP
For better or worse, SERP has become the goal rather than the portal. There are a number of search begins and ends on Google or Bing without ever driving a click. Users can price shop, checking driving times and directions, get store hours, reviews, answers, and more without ever leaving the walled garden results page. Google Shopping and Ad Gallery has forced advertisers to pay for traffic navigation on Google properties than their own.

This will help search engines to better predict landing pages optimized less-removing performance and the site of the privacy-protecting equality, and, of course, monetize the traffic they once shared to other corners of the web. With privacy laws in countries dockets Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford across the US, expect Google to find more and more ways to keep users in their own environment.

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