Are you there. You have, your beautiful new website and your web designer and web developer has to get up and running. People browsing the product or reading about you and your services Digital Marketing Company Stafford are ready and waiting to turn them into customers. But, from time to time, it is not surprising that we can find a small bump in the road every now and then. Did you change something and did not realize the implications, or automatic plugin update and switch something on your website, it can happen.

Here we share a problem on the site annoying that you might find and how you can solve it quickly!

A security issue
Now, more than ever, it is important for us to keep our clients and customer data private and secure. From the email address for your payment details, all this information must be stored properly and this means having a secure website. By changing your website to HTTPS from HTTP can help your website become more secure for themselves and the users. This not only shows your customers that you care about their data but can increase their trust in you.

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broken Links
broken links is one of the most common problems that occur on the website. Whether it be deleted pages, product or blog posts, they can lead to show the user a 404 error page. This basically tells users that the page they are trying to access is either no longer exist or have moved to other pages, but not really directing them to the new page. It’s important that your website regularly inspected for broken links to improve your user experience. By creating a redirect to a page that has the same information or something to assist users in their trip, you will have a customer less frustrating to deal with.

Not Showing in Google
You’ve been working with your web developer to create your website really proud of, but you just do not get found on Google. Regardless of your company name, your website just does not appear to be anything related to your products or services. This is where you need to get your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) head-on and optimize your site for keywords that you think your customer is going to use. This includes creating appropriate metadata, wrote an interesting blog post around your company and optimize the content of all your sites for certain terms.

No Call To Action
Your customers active on your website, but nothing else happened. Are you creating all the relevant button call to action that is appropriate for your yard? Do you want customers to sign up for mailing letters, filling in the form of lead generation or add products to their cart, you must make this clear to the user actions you. If you have them on your website, but you do not see much appeal to them, try changing them to entice users to click. It could be something as simple as making more visible buttons or change the color.

slow site
This is generally the most frustrating situations that many website owners find. You can check the speed of your pages using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool to give an indication at this time how your website is currently doing. By providing two statistics from the 100 on how well your speed on both mobile and desktop, it can really Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford help you to improve. This tool also provides suggestions on how to better the speed of your site, but you may need the help of a web developer to implement the change.

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