Remember when in 2020 sounded like a lifetime away? Well, this decade is fast approaching, but what will the means for SEO and what Google has planned for the 20s? Many things Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth in life defines an era, from fashion and lifestyle with the economic and social circumstances. Digital marketing is no longer ‘keywords’ but includes a whole host of digital media channels, online and social use of the latest technology.

SEO principles will not or can not change, just as SEO is about getting found in the search engines by users searching for your products or services. What will change are the tools, tactics and how you run your SEO. Here is our take on the best at what SEO has in store for us in the next decade.

Mobile Search
With the decreased use desktop search, and mobile device usage continues to grow, which is the same as the more mobile searches within the next decade. Google has implemented a mobile-first back index in July this year. 2020s will see the steps of sites more responsive to the separate site to take full advantage of the benefits of mobile search tactics?

electronic commerce
Combining e-commerce with a great mobile experience is a win-win situation. accelerated mobile Google page (AMP) and e-commerce is growing rapidly, with the ability to produce interactive product page as a landing page that attracts attention. We predict that AMP will continue to grow in the decades to come, bring the elements of a more dynamic for a list of products and content, which will definitely benefit the search.

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Social media
Social media is a positive way to build links, but it will replace link building as you know it? While we all know that link building has changed irrevocably in the last decade, people with successful social media channels are able to use this to their advantage in the world of SEO. 2020s would be a time when search engines recognize a social media user satisfaction as a ranking factor? Like all the link building techniques, will be open for black hat techniques, but we’re pretty confident that Google AI skill can help here.

new technologies
While the artificial intelligence (AI) is not ready to replace SEO alone is not, it will have an impact on how you do SEO and information that you can glean. AI is all about application machines perform tasks that normally require human intelligence – sound familiar? Google Placing to one side, the AI ​​can be used to help out hardworking SEO suffering from shortage of time in the world that is very data-driven. Who does not want to help monitor performance, understanding audience behavior or juggle all the tasks on the organic search campaigns?

Virtual reality (VR) has been around for decades, perhaps ahead of its time, but now the technological advances in graphics and processing power is available, it keeps getting better. Gaming fans saw this first, but now every major technology companies, including Google, investing, which means that the big players see the market for this technology now.

Augmented reality (AR) may have more impact on SEO, simply because it is more interactive with the ability to be controlled by the real world. Google Glass may never reach the store, but a better version is undoubtedly being developed. When this technology began Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth to market and sell commercial products, search engine optimization will take a new turn.

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