CTR stands for Click Through Rate and metrics that are very important for SEO and PPC campaigns. Let us help you improve your.

It is basically the number of clicks Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle the ads receive, divided by ad impressions (the number of times it is displayed), shown as a percentage.

So why CTR is so important?
The main reason is to make the best use of rankings in the search engines currently.

This is all well and good getting on the first page for the search term but if CTR is low then you do not get as many visitors as you can to a certain position.

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Another reason become your click through rate used by search engines in their algorithms to work out their SERP. So a site with higher CTR will rank higher than sites with lower.

How do I increase my CTR?
It all boils down to create titles and descriptions are more attractive to users that your ad is shown to.

A good way to increase the click through rate is to have special offers are displayed, if you have 30% off and then put that in the title and / or description.

Has a price that will make your site stand out from the rest? Then pointed out that in the title or description of the piece.

You can use various methods to highlight certain words such as:

Use capital letters for certain parts
using symbols
Make certain keyword prominence with brackets
Make sure your ads are meeting the needs of people who make a search that triggers your ad.

Take a look at this search for a local gym

You will be more likely to click?

For me those were the first prominent as it states that my local Kidsgrove. Then one of the country £ 9.99 Per Month. Perhaps the last of these results as it states no contract, but the description also states 50+ FREE Class Fitness.

All of this is a good example of how Digital Marketing Company Newcastle to make the best use of Titles and Descriptions to increase your CTR.

If your AdWords campaigns are trying to increase your click through rate, you have more choices.

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