Psychology is an inevitable part of effective marketing. For a single product, the market is full of innumerable substitute. So, why should people buy from you instead of your competitors? Hence, without appealing to the psychological faculties of your target market, you can’t engage them. And naturally, you then can’t convince them to buy. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the psychological aspects of marketing. Hence, today we will talk about how you can increase website traffic by using colour psychology.

Website Traffic by using Colour Psychology

People have a number of reasons behind website development. While most create it for their business, some have political or social agenda while some also use it for self-expression. In any case, they desire some sort of conversion—be it buyer, follower, subscriber, event attendee, and so on.

Therefore, conversion is one of the key purposes of a website. And for that, you need greater traffic on your website.

If you can’t retain visitors on your website, it will signal Google that your content isn’t worth it. As a result, you might see drop in your search rankings. Hence, you need to make sure that the visitors engage with your website longer and better.

So, let’s find out how colour psychology can help you increase your web traffic.

But first, let’s understand what is…

Colour psychology in marketing

The phenomenon of colour psychology in marketing has existed for long. First impression matters a lot in marketing. It is used to grab attention, shape perceptions, trigger actions, and so on. In fact, certain marketing researchers have found that about 60% of acceptance or rejection of a product is based on colours.

Hence, the colours you use in your website development and the way you use them play a significant role in forming that first impression.It can make or break your website. Colours can deeply affect the psychology of a person. It can influence their emotions, moods, thoughts, and behaviours. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how you use colours in your website.

That being said, let’s talk about how you can use colour psychology to increase your web traffic.

Ways to Increase Website Traffic by using Colour Psychology

# Understand the significance of different colours

Every colour has a certain notion attached to it. Here are the examples of some common colours:


Association: Purity, light, clean, sterile, innocent, spacious

Mood: Cold, unfriendly


Association: Power, mystery, elegance, evil, mourning, death

Mood: Confident, calm, stable, mysterious


Association: Passion, energy, strength, love, power, determination

Mood: Intensity, anger, excitement


Association: Depth, stability, wisdom, trust, confidence

Mood: Calming


Association: Growth, health, harmony, safety, nature

Mood: Calm, refreshed


Association: Wisdom, wealth, royalty, power, luxury, magic

Mood: Powerful, calming, strength


Association: Energy, happy, warming, attention

Mood: Aggravation, joy


Association: Enthusiasm, heat, success, creativity

Mood: Warmth, excitement

In order to use the colours the right way, it is important to understand what they signify. For example, a spirituality-related website should not use red as a prominent colour since it has contradicting notions. Hence, the colours you use should be in sync with the values of your brand.

# Highlight important details

When it comes to highlighting details, using colours thoughtfully is important.

For example, colours have the power to both improve and impair your website’s navigation. It all depends on how you use them.

If you want to highlight important details, using contrasting colours is the best technique. You should use colours in a way that they highlight and bring out the best of every feature.

Moreover, you should make sure that the background of the written content on your website is enough contrasting to its text. However, make sure that the contrast doesn’t become too tacky. Or else, it may get difficult (even frustrating) to read.

# Compelling CTA

Call to Action elements are an essential part of every website. Any type of conversion is impossible on a website without effective CTA buttons.

To make sure that your CTA is adequately visible, attractive, and overall effective, it is important to take care of the colours you use.

It’s been found that red and orange are two best colours to be used for CTA buttons. Many websites have found it effective in increasing conversion. However, it is important to make sure these colours are used in a way that they stand out from the other elements on your website.

# Understand colour’s impact on different genders

For effective marketing based on colour psychology, it is important to understand the sociological differences between colour preferences.

Many marketing researches have found that broadly:

#Women love blue, purple, and green the most; while dislike orange, brown, and grey the most.

On the other hand,

#Men are said to like blue, green, and black the most; while they dislike brown, orange, and purple the most.

Therefore, what colours you should use also depend greatly on the gender of your target market. Hence, for your website development, you should keep these things in mind.

Wrapping up

Understanding the psychological aspects of marketing is important to do it effectively. Colours play a big role in shaping the influence on human mind. For an online business, its website is its primary salesperson. Therefore, it is important to understand the colour psychology to increase website traffic. It all comes down to understanding the significance of the colours and using them accordingly.