It is fair to say that no two days are the same here at The Creative Collective. And by we are blessed with great Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle rankings on the search engines (achieved over a long period of time and a lot of hard work), we receive inquiries from all kinds of industries every day can sometimes throw up some curls.

This includes those businesses that are subject to restrictions on whether they can even use the platform specific marketing to promote themselves, the state or country they can promote, what kinds of copy and images they could us, and how they should go about it ,

the last question of the people in the adult entertainment industry (brothel and escort agency), religious groups, firearms retailers, mental health resources and drugs, leads us to study the rules of the latest ad and guidelines on some channels are more popular we will usually switch to when making recommendations to clients on where to spend their advertising dollars. After all, when you spend, you want to make it count.

In case you are in one of the industry and want to know what you can and can not do or what you can and can not ask for digital agency you (because we do like to stick to the rules when it comes to important things like) or even if you are a fellow marketers are trying to figure out this space, here is what our recent research has revealed:

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Advertising for the adult entertainment industry is very difficult for obvious reasons, as the words and images largely restricted in all states of Australia.

So … how do we advertise that consumers know what the business is about without revealing too much and potentially offend members of the public?

From what we found out it’s all about balance. While you can provide basic information about the business, for obvious reasons you can not promote anything that risk hurting people or disturb members of the public.

Through research and guidance on an approved form of advertising for the services of prostitutes through section 139A, Prostitution Act 1999, we found some important points to consider when advertising for specific industries. As an example:

-Prohibited images including images of sexual acts or simulated sexual acts, pictures and images seual activity, unsafe sex or drug use is strictly prohibited. prostitution ads that include pictures of the tools of the trade for Bondage & Discipline, Sadism & Masochism services are prohibited in general publications. For a brothel or publication of classified sites, relevant images are allowed.

-Brothel advertising must not directly or indirectly states that brothels associated with the escort service.
-Prostitution ad concludes that Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle prostitutes do not have a choice in the service they provide is prohibited.
Sole Operator advertisement that states or implies that more than one sex worker provided prohibited.

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