Though after much excitement and / or announcement has been made to keep us waiting.

WordPress 5.0 release date has Digital Marketing Company Southampton been moved from November 27 to give more time for RC fully tested. A final release date will be announced soon, based on the feedback on the RC.

In case you’ve been under a rock or just do not pay much attention to the WordPress blog (which is very likely not all people into the website as we geeks at The Creative Collective is), 26% of websites built on WordPress.

Update your next WordPress WordPress 5.0 will be the most controversial transition and or brilliant since WordPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike a little in 2003, with an injection of a builders yard Gutenberg into the WordPress dashboard.

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WHAT Gutenberg?
In short, Gutenberg is the editor page that uses the “block”. If you ever use another page editor that you will know it is the way things are heading. Currently, the page editor is very clumsy and if you ever want to have a page in two columns should work with css coding or short code, which most do not do what you want anyway.

Do not worry friend, Gutenberg Editor page can actually be turned off and you can still continue using your page as normal while still enjoying the benefits of having an updated WordPress.

Gutenberg has been tested over the years and all the bugs have been trailed and steadily but there are still some limitations usability.

There are several problems with adding images in blocks, lining and styling. But overall it is much easier to quickly mockup pages if you are in a hurry.

Older themes may not work – Gutenberg output block content using HTML 5 tag css theme so it can not work with this, mostly affecting the padding and margin and Gutenberg did not have its own stylesheet to accommodate for this.

Future Proofing – The use of HTML 5 means that your website is up to date and use the latest code

The code is not short – short code can not be executed in a block of text they should be added to the short code blocks.

No images or other embeds in a paragraph – In Gutenberg, you can not wrap text around the image. Pictures and embeds has its own block.

So, if you are open minded enough to embrace Gutenberg? You can really experiment using the editor Digital Marketing Company Southampton here and not risk changing your beautiful website built on a basic editor.

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