Are you observing higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates on your website? If yes then your website’s user experience might not be good. An online business cannot survive without giving good user experience to their customers. And if your business is one of them then you really need to take a look at the user experience on your website.

If you want to improve the user experience on your website then you have to make few things right on your website. But this may require you to take professional help. There are many web development agencies that helps businesses improves their site’s user experience. One such agency is Citiesagencies.

Citiesagencies is a web development and marketing agency which has skilled web developers who will improve user experience on your website. How? You will find out in this article. Just continue reading it till the very end.

Improve your site’s user experience with Citiesagencies

user experience with Citiesagencies

Below mentioned are ways in which Citiesagencies will help you to improve user experience on your website.

Let’s dig right in

➽ By fixing the look of the website

There is no denying the fact that look of the website is important. But one thing which is equally important as well is the visibility of the text. If your text is not clearly visible and is not easy to read then you will not be able to give a good user experience to your customers. Citiesagencies will help you in fixing the look of your website.

We will help in choosing the right colors and fonts to clearly express your business. We will focus on the size and color of the font, the typography and the layout of the page. Our team will make sure that the content on the site does not look complicated and it is easy to read. Also we would ensure that the website layout is clean and simple which will make your site more easily navigable. All in all we will ensure that your customers get a good user experience on your website.

➽ By adding a clear Call to Action

Call to Actions are important because they increase the level of engagement of the audience with the website. If you don’t place Call to Action on your site or if you place an irrelevant Call to Action, in both cases you would not make any improvement instead, you would observe an increase in the bounce rate of your website. This does not indicates a good user experience.

Citiesagencies will add a clear and compelling Call to Action at the right place on your site. Few ways to put CTAs are in the form of a login link, a form, a link to subscribe to newsletter or link to get an appointment. We will make sure that your site has the right number of Call to Action at the right place. When you send the user where he wants to go using Call to Action, it increases the user experience on your site.

➽ By making your website mobile optimized

How many times have I emphasized on this fact. You should never overlook Mobile phone users. Never! Now a days when most of the audience is shopping online on their mobile phones, how can you make the mistake of ignoring them. Don’t worry we won’t let you make that mistake. Citiesagencies will try to make your site responsive and mobile friendly. We would make sure that the content is easily visible and easy to read.

I mean you don’t want your customers to zoom in and zoom out your site again and again do you? because that will frustrate them and they will leave your site and stop purchasing from your platform. This is so important especially if we talk about the e-commerce websites, they need to have a mobile optimized website because people are using their mobile apps to shop. Citiesagencies will take care of every aspect, from text font and color to the placing of navigation pane. We will do it all.

➽ By speeding up your website

Slow loading speed is one of the most common reasons of the bad user experience of a website. Because visitors expects your site to load within 3 seconds, and if it takes longer than that then you will see a increase in the bounce rate and decrease in the conversion rate of your website. Don’t stress yourself. Citiesagencies will take care of the speed of your site.

Our team will deal with all the culprits that were causing the slow loading speed such as incorrect file format, embedded videos, poor compressed image, large sized image etc. This all may sound very technical to you. We will fix them by choosing the right file format, by compressing the images and by eliminating heavy plugins. We will fix these issues to improve your site’s loading speed and hence user experience.

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➽ By fixing 404s

I know it can be so annoying and irritating to get “page not found” when you are about to make a purchase. It makes you feel like you will never going to shop with this particular brand ever again. So to save you from that situation Citiesagencies will first check if there are any 404 errors on your site. We do that by setting up Google Webmaster tools. Then we fix those 404s and other broken links as well.   

Final thoughts

User experience is such an important aspect of the overall growth of your business. If you want to increase the conversion rate then you need to focus and invest in your site’s user experience. And you can consider taking help of Citiesagencies. Hope this article was able to answer your questions.

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