Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we have witnessed a huge rise in the number of e-learning platforms. Students can’t go to school and college. So e-learning platforms came to their rescue. We are immersed in an ocean of information on the internet. This is because in the last decade we have seen that internet has become more accessible now and cheaper smartphones have come into picture. So this is a great time to take your educational platform online.

But it is obvious that for an offline learning business it can be  difficult to build a website overnight. They may not have the time, resources and expertise to do that. Building a website requires whole lot of planning and expertise which they may  not have. Such educational startups can count on web development agencies. Citiesagencies is one well-known web development agency. They comprises of experienced web developers and marketers as well. They provide all round, robust services to its clients. And they have a great track record and has proven time and again that the best services is given to clients.

So how Citiesagencies will help you to build a great e-learning website. This article will revolve around that.

e-learning website with Citiesagencies

Why you should hire Citiesagencies?

Citiesagencies is a well-renowned web development agency that has years of experience in providing the best web services. From building an e-commerce website to building an e-learning website. We do it all with ease and perfection. We have experienced and skilled web developers and web designers who will take care of the technical aspects of a website. Besides that we also have professional digital marketers who will support your website to get the necessary visibility and traffic. They will take care of all the aspects of marketing your business. Our objective is to provide the best customer services at the most affordable range.

Let’s dig right in

Citiesagencies will build a great e-learning website for you

By the following ways

1. By building the basic elements of e-learning website

The first thing we would do is to create a website which will have all the basic elements of e-learning website. What are those basic elements?

  • Registration and user profile
  • Dashboard
  • Page with course details
  • Payment check out page
  • Course making and editing page
  • Admin panel

Citiesagencies will keep in place all these basic elements of an e-learning website. Without them the website is incomplete. Our web developers will build all of these basic element pages perfectly.  

2. By finding the target audience

This is a crucial step. What is an e-learning platform without audience. You are building for your audience. And who is this audience. Citiesagencies will help you in finding the right target audience. Our team will do a thorough research based on their age, location, demographics, interests, their search intent and trends, the kind of content they would like you to create. A detailed analysis will be carry out to pin down on the target audience.

3. By making your site’s UI user-friendly

UI or user interface is a crucial part of a website. It has to be user friendly. Citiesagencies will ensure that the User interface (UI) of your e-learning website is user-friendly. We will follow a minimalistic theme with easy to access interface elements so that your students do not get confused. If there are tons of unrequired elements on your site, it can distract the students. We will make sure that your site can be easily navigated by the students.

4. By promoting your e-learning website

Promotion of a new business is important because it can be difficult for audience to find you. Digital marketing is one of the major aspect of any business. Citiesagencies will promote your e-learning platform on social media. It will help you build your brand image and reach to a bigger audience. This will increase your site’s visibility as well. we will link your e-learning website to your social media. Million of people are on social media platform especially the younger population, hence it will benefit your business. It will give a boost to your website’s traffic and hence your business.

5. By optimizing your website

The main objective of every online business is to give a great user experience to their audience. If your site is not responsive and loads very slowly you will lose traffic on your website. Your site’s bounce rate will increase and your conversion will fall. Citiesagencies will make your e-learning website responsive and fast. We will also ensure that your site is mobile friendly since most of the students must be using their mobile phones to take classes. We will make sure your site is well-optimized on web as well as on mobile phone.

Final thoughts

Creating a perfect website can be really toilsome. A website is only successful when it gets a good amount of organic traffic and make good conversions. And specifically for e-learning websites it is very important to take care of each and every big or small detail. In order to build a flawless e-learning website you can consider hiring Citiesagencies. I hope this article was able to answer all of your queries. If not reach out to us.

If you have any question or doubt related to our services, just get in touch with us.